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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Summer, So Far

I was lamenting to Andrew the other day that here it is already August and I feel like I've done nothing so far this summer. His response was "you just had a baby!!!" I guess what I meant was, two months into this whole mom of three gig and I feel like I've got a handle on things so I should be doing more of those activities I'd planned on doing with the kids back in the spring. More visits to the playground, more swimming at the pool, more crafts, more popsicles and ice cream, more day trips, more more more... My "accomplish something" alarm was sounding off big time and I kept thinking that I've been wasting my summer because summer is for making memories and we're not making enough memories darn it! Then I realized that my kids don't need planned activities, they're happy playing outside all day, rain or shine, with the occasional trip to Dunkin Donuts for a sweet treat. There is plenty of memory making to be had just doing that.

We've been working on the house starting with replacing our dishtowels, some of which we've had since our wedding 14 years ago. I also have a new kitchen sink and faucet! So many things need to be fixed or replaced around here. Why is it that everything seems to fall apart at the same time?

Some days (like today) I spend most of my time trying to get Calvin to nap. He hit 6 weeks old and decided sleeping was for sissies. He sleeps decently at night but refuses to nap during the day unless I lay in bed nursing him or rock him with my foot in his bouncy seat. I've been giving in a lot just to get him to go to sleep and then I end up not getting anything done around the house (what was I saying earlier about having a handle on this?). Please tell me this is a phase... It is right?

The kids discovered there are Lego games on my phone and now want to play them Its my fault for downloading them for the "occasional" moment I need them to sit still and be quiet. Its been a very rainy summer so they've been asking to watch more TV and play more games on my phone than I'm comfortable with. I'm looking for some toys and games that I can pull out for those times when they won't stop asking to watch or play something. So far I've purchased some pattern blocks and I'm looking to add to our stash of board games.

Of course, none of that other stuff matters. Hands down the best part of this summer is this little guy:

 photo HKE_4451_zpsdpsekfyb.jpg
 photo HKE_4211_zpsm6dbjnuv.jpg
 photo HKE_4216_zps4u1uetdc.jpg
 photo HKE_4221_zpsftj69mk7.jpg
 photo HKE_4229_zpsi8ycrlam.jpg
 photo HKE_4219_zps57gkzhba.jpg
 photo HKE_4241_zpspwle8iw4.jpg
 photo HKE_4700_zpshzkpq23g.jpg
 photo HKE_4696_zpsqvbhztwx.jpg
 photo HKE_4398_zpseetzfgci.jpg
 photo HKE_4309_zpsefjaadfe.jpg
 photo HKE_4896_zpsvisw2ema.jpg
 photo HKE_4943_zpsaixgtyqi.jpg


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