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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pregnancy #3 Update: 40 Weeks!

Well. I didn't think I'd be doing a post this far along. Not because I didn't think I'd be going over my due date, because no matter how much I wished that was true, a big part of me knew that I would be. So no surprise there. No, mostly because I haven't been on the computer much these past several weeks and have chosen instead to sit on my bed in my room under the ceiling fan with the AC blowing directly on me while I check Facebook and Instagram on my phone a couple times a day. That's pretty much been the extent of my online presence for the past month or so.

 photo HKE_1923_edited_zpsda2yjnpf.jpg
Technically this picture was taken at 39 weeks 6 days because I figured I could go into labor at any time. Yeah right...

How far along? 40 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss? About 35 pounds. After gaining 5 pounds in one week (!) I haven't gained any since. In fact one week the scale said I'd lost a half a pound.
How big is baby? The size of a jackfruit so about 18.9 - 20.9 inches and 6.2 - 9.2 pounds. With my luck he's probably more at the high end of that estimate.
Stretch marks? Yes. I've noticed a few. Darn it.
Sleep? Several weeks ago I started taking 3 mg of melatonin before going to bed each night. Worked like a charm most nights. But since I started having pre labor signs last week (more on that in a bit) I stopped taking it because I was nervous that I'd take one, go to sleep and get woken up 10 minutes later by my water breaking and then I'd be too exhausted to handle everything.
Fitness? I've been keeping active and cleaning a lot trying to jump start real labor and also trying to stay upright for the most part, hoping to help gravity do its job. Until recently I had a lot of energy still and I have a day here and there where I still do.
Best moment this week? Totally not baby related. My birthday last week Monday. Andrew took Lily to the store early in the morning to get supplies for my birthday dinner and desert. I cleaned the house with Reuben's help while they were gone in anticipation of having a few family members over to help celebrate later. Then the two of them came home and started cooking and baking and I hightailed it out of there to spend an hour or two out by myself. I got a haircut, purchased a few things for Lily at JcPenney on a crazy Memorial Day sale and got a frozen coffee at McDonald's. Its become a sort of tradition that I get a haircut on or around my birthday. This time it felt glorious being pampered at almost 40 weeks pregnant. I needed it. I should have had a pedicure and told them to rub my ankles really well. ;)
Miss anything? Being able to do anything without losing my breath, wearing normal clothing, bending over...
Food cravings/aversions? Watermelon! When I'm not eating watermelon I'm thinking about eating watermelon. Now I totally want some watermelon.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not queasy or sick per se, but I have been having some heartburn/indigestion the past couple of days.
Current Symptoms? These symptoms have been coming and going since last Tuesday so they aren't always "current:" Braxton Hicks contractions, losing my mucous plug in bits (sorry TMI), lots of pelvic pressure, going pee ALL.THE.TIME, not sleeping or sleeping poorly and a horrible pain in my groin that feels like my legs are being pulled out of their sockets.
Belly button in or out? Out. And did I mention that Reuben likes to kiss it? Its the only place he'll kiss when he wants to "kiss the baby." I wonder if he thinks its the baby's point of exit?
Wedding rings on or off? Off.
Mood? Anxious for this little guy's arrival and worried that I'll go into labor some time this weekend when my doctor isn't on call. Upset about the fact that I am going to be hooked up to an IV during labor (at least some of the time) so that I can get antibiotics for Group B Strep that I tested positive for at 37 weeks (my original birth plan didn't include any needles). Cranky whenever someone remarks "you're still pregnant?!" (yes, obviously I still am) or tells me "you're still carrying high, you haven't dropped, you still have plenty of time" (um, thank you for your expert opinion on how my body works) Err. This article about sums it up. I heard someone once say, in regards to unsolicited, obnoxious questions during pregnancy, that pregnancy doesn't make a woman dumb but apparently it does make everyone else. And for those reading this who've said some of these remarks to me, I forgive you, I know you mean well, its just my hormones wanting to rip your head off. Just kidding. :)

I have an appointment tomorrow, two days earlier than my usual once a week one. I think the plan is to do an ultrasound and check my fluid levels to make sure everything looks good in there. No mention of inducing yet which is a huge testament to how wonderful my doctor is as I remember scheduling an induction with Lily before my 40 week appointment (I ended up going into labor on my own and she was born at 41 weeks, the day before my scheduled induction). I'd like to avoid an induction if at all possible. As I mentioned above, I've been having pre labor signs which means things are progressing but how quickly...who knows?

My bags are packed, the books are read (I just finished The Birth Book today and it was very informative and reassuring), the van is purchased (oh yeah, I forgot to mention we bought a mini van!), the baby car seat is ready to be buckled into said van and the house is somewhat tidy and ready to come home to. I'm ready to have a baby!


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