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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Conversations With My Daughter: The Random Edition

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October 13
Lily (sobbing): But I can cry as much as I want. It says so in the Bible!

October 15
Lily was fighting bedtime and kept coming out of her room for one thing or another. Because she kept coming out Andrew said he would not tuck her into bed...again. So she came out one last time and stood in her open doorway.
Lily: Daddy, you're just being mean. You're being rude. And that's why I'm going to bed! (she reentered her bedroom and slammed the door behind her) Mission accomplished!

December 10
Lily: Thank you Reuben!
Mom: What did he do?
Lily: He brought his shoes inside and the umbrella. That's very responsible!

December 17
Lily (sleepily waking up from her nap): Mom don't interrupt when I'm thinking of pancakes.

December 24
Lily (looking through a magazine): Well my oh me! That is so neat!

December 24
Lily (looking at the bug bites on Reuben's legs): Wow this kid is all damaged up!

December 25
Lily (looking at a picture of herself): I was a cute little thing when I was a baby.

December 26
Lily (playing outside in Reuben's Christmas present): We have so much fun on this thing. In fact, that's the right thing to do, get us a wagon!

January 8
Lily: Mom! You turned off the light in your room while I was still in there. That will cause destruction.

January 14
Lily: Mom do you remember when we watched the flamingo show? There was a crowd of flamingos and then some flamingos died and I cried? And then we were looking down at the flamingos and they didn't look like flamingos and they covered the whole city." She sighs and says to herself "good times."

January 17
Lily (in the car): Church was splendid today.

January 18
Mom: Come on Reuben!
Lily: No time for dilly dallin'!

January 20
Lily (showing me her jumping off a box skills): Am I a natural?

January 20
Lily (telling her Aunt Holly about her new baby brother): I thought we were having a girl, but my mistake, its a boy!

January 21
Lily: I have plenty of energy. Sleep gives you energy. I got plenty this morning. I don't need any more. (laughs) So Mom, can I not take a nap today after lunch so I can play Candy Crush?

January 21
Lily (watching her dad put a drop of something into Reuben's sippy cup): Dad I don't think that's appropriate for children.

January 23
Lily (looking out the window at the waves on the lake as we drove by): I really love the crumbly ocean.

January 29
Lily: Dad, I think you're great. We should keep you.

January 31
Lily (watching her brother color with a dark blue crayon): Reuben! That's overwhelming the pink!


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