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Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby #3 Gender Reveal {Video}

I can't believe how quickly feelings and emotions can change during pregnancy. Only yesterday I was posting how ordinary I feel about this pregnancy, lacking in the usual awe and wonder that accompanies a time like this. Well Lily and Reuben's excitement has certainly helped get me in the mood. I tell you, being pregnant and having older children is so incredible. Lily has designated herself mama's helper, looking for opportunities to assist me. "Mama let me pick up that towel cause you can't bend over cause of the baby." And Reuben really enjoys lifting up my shirt, resting his head on my tummy and snuggling with Mama and baby. Often he gives the baby a kiss too.

If Lily and Reuben were excited before they are doubly so after last night. I had a routine doctor's exam yesterday. Or at least I thought it was going to be routine. She ended up doing a quick ultrasound to check out the heart rate and since I am 21 weeks today it was easy to see baby's gender. Since Andrew wasn't with me the doc wrote it down on a card and sealed it in an envelope for me to take home. I texted Andrew on my way to pick up the kids that I had a surprise for him. I'm pretty sure he'd forgotten that I had an appointment.

Lily could barely contain her excitement and announced that we had a surprise as soon as Daddy walked in the door from work. After dinner I set up the video camera in the living room and as a family we sat down to open the envelope that would reveal whether my little ones are getting a new baby brother or sister.

As you'll see in the video they're very excited and boy is that energy contagious. Please enjoy!


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