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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recent News

I've been mostly absent from the blog the past month or two and there's a very good reason for it. On Monday, September 29 I took a test and found out I'm pregnant! Baby number 3 will be arriving either May 29th (according to my doctor's estimations going by the baby's size on the ultrasound) or June 10th (according to my estimations going by my cycle). We'd been trying for a month or two so seeing those two lines was much anticipated. Morning All day sickness hit me right on schedule about 2 days shy of my 5th week (I'm going by my calculations of my due date here). In some ways it seemed a lot worse this time and in other ways it didn't. With Lily I remember feeling queasy but I was in love with being pregnant for the first time (technically second time, but that's another story for another day) so I think part of me was also in love with feeling all of those nasty feelings. Weird right? Plus I was working at the time so I was busy and had other things to focus on. During my pregnancy with Reuben I also had a toddler to deal with, so although I wanted to lay on the couch all day long, I just couldn't, so I sucked it up and tried going about taking care of her and the house as best as possible. This time my little ones are 4.5 year old and almost 2.5 year old. Let's just say the month of October and the beginning of November were full of Thomas the Train and Handy Manny marathons while Mama tried to get an extra few winks in in the morning.

I had my first ultrasound November 18 and had the pleasure of taking Lily with me (Andrew had to work). She didn't like waiting for "like forever Mom!" in the waiting room but she loved seeing her new little brother or sister on the monitor. She was very solemn as usual about such things but pointed out its tiny little arm when she saw it and smiled slightly when the tech and I talked about the baby's heart beating. She kept staring at the monitor and when we left she carried the ultrasound picture in her hand the entire way home.

Meet Baby Serrano! No, we aren't naming it that. I asked Lily later on that night after we had the ultrasound what she wanted to name the baby and that's what she came up with. So until we hold you in our arms little one this is what you shall be known as.

 photo IMG_0001_zpse4ab4add.jpg

Another thing that hit me pretty early this time around was my expanding waistline. By week 8 I wanna say, I was having to leave the button on my jeans undone and slip on the Belly Band to keep them up. Thanksgiving Day I caved and put on a pair of maternity jeans. I haven't looked back since. Skirts though are my favorite thing to wear. I just need to see about getting a few more.

Needless to say we're all very excited about this pregnancy (I was more so when the "morning" sickness ended) and the realization that we'll have another baby to hold and love on soon. I don't exactly know where we're going to fit another person in this house no matter how tiny it is, but I'm sure we'll manage.

And now for the only belly shot of me so far. I've been very lax in taking maternity photos. Actually I've been very lax in taking photos period. But that's changing with the holidays here and our house getting cleaned up and decluttered. Its amazing how a messy house will prevent you from doing so many things. Oh and sorry about the blurriness. It was dark, we were busy looking for a Christmas tree so it was a spur of the moment snap.

 photo DSC00604_zps183ce315.jpg


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