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Monday, November 24, 2014

Conversations With My Daughter: The Animals For Dinner Edition...Or Not

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July 11
Lily: Little girls can't cut with the big knife without manners...without a customer helping...I mean without mommies supervising.

July 13
Mom: Waiting patiently?
Lily: Yup. But its pretty borin'.

July 14
Lily (pointing to a picture in her Little House book of Pa Ingalls carrying a gun to hunt with): What is that for?
(I explain what the gun is for)
Lily: But why does he have a gun to shoot aminals?
Mom: Because they need to eat. And see they are going to pick vegetables to eat too.
Lily: But they need to only pick vegetables to eat cause they don't shoot animals. They (the animals) don't like that!

July 27
Mom: After lunch you guys can go play outside!
Lily: I was thinking about doing that. To get some energy out.....And you can fart out there.

July 27
Lily: Ouch! Reuben hurt my spleen!

July 29
Lily: I wish we could go hunting for chickens. We could shoot them with a gun and pluck their feathers and then have chicken to eat.

August 1
Lily: Mommy! Don't wipe my tears away! Put them back.

August 8
Lily: You use your flashlight when you go hunting for deers to pet them.

August 15
Lily: Hey. do I have worm slobber on my hands? Cause I was catching worms at Marie's the other day.

August 22
Lily: Don't put that soup stuff on my rice. I just want plain rice. Cause I'm addicted to rice.

August 22
Lily: Mommy, your food is amazing! I love lentils. Reuben does too...apparently. He's ditching (digging) right in.

August 24
Lily: Mommy, you know, your son is beautiful.

September 7
Lily: I know what germs are! They're little fuzzy things!
Mom: They could be but its hard to see them cause they're pretty small.
Lily: No. I can see them with my big blue eyes!

September 19
Lily (snuggling with her mama): I'll make sure we'll always be together.

September 22
Lily: Mom there's a fly around his (Reuben's) diaper. And there's poop in there! Flies love poop!

September 29
Lily (hearing Reuben say "Jesus" from the other room which annoyed her): Reuben we're not going to heaven.