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Monday, September 22, 2014

Conversation With My Daughter: The Little Mommy Edition

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May 17
Lily (watching Reuben eat his snack): This kid sure likes goldfish!

May 20
Lily (sitting on my lap getting a head massage): Ahhhhh! I needed that.

May 27
Lily (with hand on hip): How can the (ceiling) fan be scary without a imagination? But if you draw a face on it then it will be scary! And I will say "ahhhhhhh!"

May 31
Lily (protesting the pace at which we were walking): I'm a little girl. I can't walk as fast as you.

June 2
Lily: Tomorrow can we go to the hospital and get a baby?

June 5
Mom: I don't want you kids getting in the dirt and then going in your pool. You're going to get the water all dirty and then you won't want to play in it.
(pause to think about it)
Mom: Ya know what? Never mind. As long as you're having fun.
(turn to walk back into the house)
Lily: We're having fun! We're being kids and getting dirty!

June 7
Mom (driving the car on our way home from church): Did you like the puppets?
Lily: I love you and all...Its just that I don't like yogurt...I want to stop buying yogurt.

June 7
Lily (tucked in bed for the night): I ate your hair Mommy. Its lemon flavored. I have lemon flavored hair too. Actually I have watermelon flavored hair. (smiles a happy little smile with her eyes closed as she cuddles her blanket close) We can talk about that tomorrow.

June 9
Lily (to Reuben): You’re stepping on me and my bones that are in my skin!

June 11
Lily: It’s ok to cry and freak out.

June 15
Lily: Reuben this way! Focus on what I'm doing! (follows him) Focus...focus...focus little man!

June 16
Lily: Mom when we get home can we watch TV? Cause its been quite a day.

June 16
Lily: You know Mom, I'll never stop loving you.

June 17
Mom (watching Lily chew on a hanger): Is that hanger tasty?
Lily: Yes. And its refreshing too!


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