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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2 Years Old

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Reuben turned 2 back in June while we were on vacation visiting my family in Maine. This is the second year we've combined Lily and Reuben's birthdays and had one party. This year we celebrated with a large family gathering (which really isn't too difficult to achieve since my immediate family is quite large in itself) at the lake on the last Sunday in June. The kids loved swimming and playing on the playground with all of their cousins and I loved being able to relax knowing someone had an eye on my kids at all times. Several days before the big party though, we honored our birthday boy on his actual birth day by doing a couple of things that he likes to do. Since it was rather overcast that day we couldn't do what he really wanted to do which would have been to play outside, preferably in dirt somewhere. We settled for second best and we visited the library. The branch within walking distance of my dad's apartment has the best children's section I have seen yet. It has a huge wooden doll house (Lily's favorite); tons of puzzles, blocks and cars; a train table (Reuben's favorite) and of course, plenty of books. My dad went with us as he usual does when we go to the library up there. Apparently everyone else had the same idea as we did on that dreary day since the library was full of kids and their parents and/or grandparents.

Since we were going to be celebrating the kids' birthdays later that week we didn't have a cake (except for cake donut holes from Tim Hortons which Reuben and I shared early upon waking that morning), presents or any sort of traditional birthday stuff. It was just family and a relaxing, fun time.

It was the perfect day for Reuben. He was surrounded by many of his favorite things: his family, books, trains and books about trains. What more could a little boy could ask for?

Reuben at two.

Steals my smoothie every morning.

When he see something that "scares" him he starts making pretend scary noises and runs into the other room.

Points and says "Ah! A bee!"

Loves playing outside in the sprinkler with his sister all day long.

Enjoys helping me cook dinner or wash the dishes. He's pretty good at pouring batter for pancakes.

Is very independent and insists on trying to do everything himself.

Loves to wander and explore on his own. You can often find him off in his own little world.

His favorite fruit is probably strawberries (I say probably because he doesn't know the word for favorite yet ;).

Is very social and will often chat up strangers in the supermarket.

Can be intensely serious when he's in an unfamiliar situation. Give him time though and he's soon bouncing all around the place.

I'd forgotten how much fun 2 year olds can be. Its such a great age. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us!

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^Taken on June 25 at 8:15am - 2 years to the minute that he was born^
I think he was upset that I was in the way of the TV. Can't interrupt Tinkerbell. 
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