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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mother's Day at the Park

Before the month of May gets away from me (how can half of 2014 be almost gone already?!), I wanted to write about what we did for Mother's Day this year. When Andrew asked me what I wanted to do/where I wanted to go for Mother's Day I didn't have to think about it, I knew I wanted to take the kids to their favorite park which is about an hour away. If you're ever in the Lakeland, FL area check out Common Ground Park. It is a gorgeous...and clean...inclusive playground where kids of all ages can play side by side. Lily asks to go there at least once a week. Andrew was a little curious as to why I would want to spend Mother's Day at a playground watching the kids run around and play, but I couldn't think of anything better than spending the day that celebrates moms enjoying some time with the little people that bestowed that title upon me.

Little did I know how hot and humid it was going to be that day but we brought a picnic lunch and plenty of water and we survived. We actually did more than survive, we had a ton of fun too! Its really nice this season of life we're in right now. We seem to have settled into a comfortable existence just the four of us. The kids are gaining more independence and its becoming easier to relax around them and let go since one of us isn't chasing a baby or having to sit and watch everyone else have fun. We were able to run around the park, climbing ladders and sliding down slides with them. Its funny because every time we take a day trip some where or go somewhere as a family I think to myself "two years ago I was doing stuff like this at 8 months pregnant and 2 years before that I was too." Since the summer of 2010 I've been pregnant and having a baby every 2 years. So its strange not being pregnant and having a baby this summer. I'm enjoying it while I can. Nothing to read into there. Haha.

So here, in pictures, is what we did for Mother's Day. Not included were a trip to Target (super fun because we don't have one here) and a quick stop at Old Navy to return a vest I had purchased for myself online that turned out to be too big. Exciting stuff.

 photo DSC02931_zpsf6b3729c.jpg
 photo DSC02935_zps295a85af.jpg
 photo DSC02969_zpsc076ceba.jpg
 photo DSC03042_zps58758346.jpg
 photo DSC03057_zps035224db.jpg
 photo DSC03062_zpsbd7ded88.jpg
 photo DSC03087_zpsbbe143fa.jpg
 photo DSC03123_zpsef5128c1.jpg
 photo DSC03156_zpsaa23a959.jpg
 photo DSC03165_zpsfa1aa5d0.jpg
 photo DSC03212_zps9d4cf100.jpg
^^This is the kids' favorite thing at the park. They call it the pipe slide. I have to admit, its pretty rad.
 photo DSC03232_zps7b40ce7e.jpg
 photo DSC03246_zps4626617d.jpg
 photo DSC03186_zps0c6f61da.jpg
 photo DSC03261_zps1072d359.jpg
 photo DSC03282_zps4582d404.jpg

After looking through all 357 photos we took that day I realized I need to make it a point to get in front of the camera more often. Especially when its my day.


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