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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Conversations With My Daughter: The Anthropomorphising Fruit Edition

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January 21
Lily says she's "swishing" me away with her shirt (meaning she's hitting me with it) and telling me "You're a fly and I'm swishing you dead." I ask her to please stop hitting me because I don't like it. She continues "swishing" me. I get down on her level, look her in the eye and explain that when someone asks you to please stop doing something you respect their wishes and stop. She tells me flies can't talk so she doesn't have to stop. What the...?! What do you say to that?!

January 23
Lily (watching as I trace pants for her paper doll): He'll get a wedgie.

January 25
Lily: Reuben is big enough to flush the potty now! I didn't do it. He was the honors to do it! And he did it.

February 25
Lily (hugging me before bed): I give you all your love you need.

February 27
Lily: I don't like it when flies get smooshed. Then they hafta fly home to their mamas so they can get medicine to feel better.

March 21
Lily (upset because I wouldn't cuddle her when she was supposed to be going to bed): Do you feel bad about that?
Mommy: Yeah.
Lily (sadly but sweetly): I forgive you.

April 24
Lily (matter-of-factly discussing the chicken dish we had for dinner): Its not real chicken. Cause they run. Food doesn't run.

April 26
Lily (speaking to Mommy): I try to do things on my own. I try, try really hard and I do it. Let's find something that you can do.

April 27
Lily (laying Mommy and Daddy's bed): I'm afraid of the dark. I want to sleep in Reuben's room because someone's in there to take care of me. (sobbing) Reuben's my big brother and I love him!

May 1
Lily: But I don't want to go to sleep cause I have strange dreams!
Mommy: Well you could have a good dream.
Lily: No its going to be a bad one.
Mommy: What do you dream about?
Lily: Talking strawberries.
Mommy: Talking strawberries huh?
Lily: Yeah. That's not a good one.

May 4
Lily: Dad I'm going to draw a canvas out of paper.
Dad: Ok.
Lily: Dad, what's a canvas?
Dad: It's a drawing medium.
Lily: I can draw something medium.

May 15
Lily: Hey Mom. Maybe its not a safe idea to put this (ironing board) in the hall.
Mommy: Ok, I'll move it. Thank you for letting me know.
Lily: Yeah, cause we (her and Reuben) play in the hall a lot and we don't want to get a bammed head.


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