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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

22 Months

 photo 2974fb26-f7fe-47ee-bf95-f22b117f36c2_zps345671b9.jpg

Weight: 28 lbs. 6 oz.
Wears: 24 mo./2T
{New} Words: puppet (puhpuh), socks (sah), more (mo), sorry (sah-ee), I love you (ah you), outside (ah-sie), What's that? (ah-sah?), excuse me, Lily (yih-yee or wih-wee), sister (suhsuh), mine (nie)
{New} Signs: bath, train, baby, excuse me

Here are some new developments from this past month:

Does a somersault. Or at least a half...sault. :)

Pretends to eat pretend food complete with gobbling "umyumyumyum" sound effects.

Signs all the time now. I've even caught him making up his own signs!

Apologizes and says sorry at every opportunity. Even if its not something he needs to be apologizing for like dropping a toy or tripping over his feet. But on the other hand he apologizes for things like hitting his sister or bumping into people. I think he hears me say it so often for things I don't have to either (working on that but it really is a difficult habit to break isn't it?). So he's learning a great skill even if he is applying it across the board. He'll catch on eventually. One day we were shopping at Publix and I let him walk next to the cart. He stopped to play with a large jar of pickles on the lowest shelf. Before I could intervene he dropped the jar onto the floor. It broke of course. I overreacted a bit and said "Oh no Reuben! No, no." He started crying and saying "I sorry. I sorry." He was so upset and so was I over the way I reacted. I picked him up and snuggled him right there and then he was over it just as quick as it happened and back to tormenting his sister in the cart.

Gives smacking kisses and the most wonderful hugs. I know the hugs aren't anything new but he has the cutest little routine now. When he's about to go somewhere like off on his bike for instance, he'll glance up and see me just watching him. So he gets up off his bike and comes running to me with arms outstretched. I get a tight squeeze and one smacking kiss right on the mouth. Then he waves and gets back on his bike. Sometimes its rinse and repeat. I love it!

Upon waking in the morning, and after Andrew has gone in to get him out of his crib, and after he comes walking and crying into our room and climbs into bed with me, and after he has his morning nursies, he asks for his "choo choos." I must then immediately get up and set up a track for him on the living room floor if one isn't already set up from the previous evening's play. He plays trains until his sister wakes up. Then they watch a little TV together and have breakfast. Its the loveliest little morning ritual actually.

Loves to help clean up. He sings the Clean Up song while we're picking up train tracks and cars. You know "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share." It sounds like "Ee up, ee up" and then some other sounds.

He does this thing we call "pinchy fingers" where he well, pinches his thumb and index finger up and down and makes growling noises. He mostly does it when we read the part about the crocodile in his favorite book Tumble Bumble.


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