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Monday, April 28, 2014

Conversations With My Daughter: The Little Brother Edition

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It's been many months since I shared a Conversations With My Daughter post. Lily's still her zany, sweet self and you'll often see me dashing off to find a pen to quickly jot something she said down or record it on my phone depending on where I am. I'm going to play catch up in the next couple of weeks so here are some from up until the end of last year. I even broke out an old photo from Christmas of last year. Enjoy!

October 26
Lily (after I bonked her on the nose when I was hugging her): Huh, maybe you should try that again.

October 26
Lily (playing with my hair): What's that?
Mommy: My scalp.
Lily: Your scalp has cheese?
Mommy: Oh. No. That's dandruff.

October 27
Lily: How do you know when a train is eating? You hear "choo choo." I'm hilarious!

October 28
Lily: One day when I hang upside down my teeeth will fall out of my mouth.

October 29
Lily (holding up her stuffed animal): This is George. He's pretty impressive.

November 7
Lily: Chomp. I ate him (Reuben). Now I have no brothers. Oh well.

November 8
Lily (sniffing Reuben sitting next her on the couch): He smells like a crotch.

November 20
Lily: Once flies discover food in houses you never get rid of them.

November 24
Lily (listening to Mommy and Daddy's conversation): You were catching fire last night?!
Mommy: No. We saw a movie called Catching Fire. That was the title of the movie.
Lily: Oh, that was the title of the movie? Huh. Interesting.

November 24
Lily (watching Daddy play Final Fantasy on the PS3): You're beating his butt!

December 4
Lily (in earnest): Sometimes they just have butts (pointing to a snowman). And buns too.

December 4
Lily (holding her drawing of snowmen): Awww! Look, its a brother and sister. Just like I'm a sister and Reuben's a brother.

December 11
Lily: The sun shocked me in my eyes. That's not nice to be shocking!

December 16
Lily: My brains are hurting...kind of...

December 19
Lily: You can always pray to Jesus, Jesus is always in your room. 
We tell her that she can always pray to Jesus if she's scared at night in her bedroom.


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