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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

21 Months

 photo DSC013322_zps2b1440d3.jpg

Weight: 27 lbs. 13 oz.
Wears: 24 month/2T
Shoe size: 6 (it would probably be 6.5 if I bought him half size shoes)
{New} Words: Sunny (suh-ee), banana (nana), poo poo, water (wa-ah, waa or wa-ooh), cup (du), up (puh)
{New} ASL signs: cup, Mommy

Welp, my life just got a little easier starting March 9th. Why that day you ask? Well that my friends was the day Daylight Savings Time started or also known as the day Reuben started sleeping through the night. I know I make it sound rough but honestly he's not really that bad of a sleeper. I tend to compare him to Lily, my little champion sleeper. He really only has rough days, or the occasional week, here and there. And I make it worse by staying up late when I know he's going to be up super early and/or wake up in the middle of the night screaming. But! Daylight Savings Time hit and he slept straight through and never looked back. Let me tell you it is so nice to be able to get a full night's rest with no interruptions or absurdly early wake up calls. He now sleeps from about 7:30 (sometimes its 8 - when his sister goes to bed) to 6:30 or 7. Ahhhh.

Have I mentioned that Reuben has perfect little teeth? They're straight, perfectly spaced and pearly white. I'm seriously jealous.

When you ask Reuben a question he immediately responds with "uh...hmmmm..." and looks like he's deep in thought, complete with finger to the chin, for like 1.5 seconds. He's such a little intellectual.

He tried out the potty for the first time ever. He asked to sit on the big potty so we let him. Nothing happened of course. He climbed all over it and thought it was great fun. No pressure. We're planning on letting the whole potty training thing happen like it did with Lily.

He likes to try on Daddy's work boots. His short, little legs don't fit in his tall boots but he really tries to make it work.

Reuben would live outdoors if I let him. After breakfast he begs me to go outside to play. He zips around on one of the many bikes/cars we have, digs in the dirt or splashes in the kiddie pool. He's a pro at getting around on his bikes. His little feet propel him forward in a blur as he cruises down the driveway and then at the last possible second (before he hits the "Mommy says that's far enough, turn around now" point) he turns the bike sharply and heads back the other way. He's been known to play on his bikes from morning till evening with only breaks for lunch, nap and dinner...with much complaining about those required breaks.

I think I need to brush up on some new adjectives because I just realized I used the word "little" 6 times too many in this post. Its probably wishful thinking. Say it enough and my little boy might stay my little boy. But I also love looking forward to what he's going to learn next. This whole talking thing is super cool. I love being able to understand what he says and if I don't understand, well we always have signing to fall back on. He's getting more proficient at the signs he does know and is starting to pick new ones up much faster. He still doesn't sign a lot but I think its just a matter of time. I honestly thought he wouldn't be much of a signer. He just didn't seem to care too much about it. But he's a very good pointer and of course he drags us to whatever he wants. It amazes me that, despite him being my second child, I still get overly excited whenever a new word pops up. And there I was, a pregnant mama, worried about whether I could love him as much as I love my Lily. Seriously.

Happy 21 months my little man!

And that takes us out at 8 "littles."


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