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Monday, February 03, 2014

19 Months

 photo DSC09795_zps3bf63ccc.jpg

Weight: 27 lbs. 4 oz.
Wears: 50% 18 months and 50% 24 months clothes
Shoe size: 6
{New} Words: no (nuh), Mommy, crash (dah), stop (da - with palm out), bumble (buhbuh), eye, book (bu), uh oh, uh-uh
{New} ASL signs: book

This month's photo is very appropriate since Reuben has really taken to his Daddy recently. He has become the person of choice in most situations except those that involve boobs and well, apparently I have the best set in the house. ;)

But seriously, every night now when its Reuben's bedtime, after I've nursed him and put him in his bed and tucked his blankets all around him, he looks up at me and asks "Dada?" He wants Daddy to come in and pat his butt while he snuggles under his blanket ready to go to sleep.

He has become quite the character recently. I love watching his little personality develop and so far its looking like he's going to be one strong-willed little boy. This is new territory for me since Lily was a rule-follower at his age (for the most part). And a very verbal one at that. That's one thing that I think frustrates Reuben very easily and us sometimes too. He can't always express his needs and wants to us using words so he feels misunderstood because we try to guess what he needs and often get it wrong. It's helped a lot that I just started telling him to "show me" what he wants/needs. I grab his little hand and he leads me to the object of his desire. He doesn't always get what he wants though which presents another new challenge. Setting limits and enforcing them. Again, Lily was fairly compliant when it came to limits. Often I could tell her once not to touch something and she wouldn't so much as even look at it again. Not so Reuben. He's definitely a limit tester and has a strong, persistent nature.

Tantrums are more common now that we insist he do what we instruct him. These tantrums vary in style but usually include several (if not all) of the following key ingredients: screaming as if being murdered, arching backwards in our arms, flopping down like a limp noodle, flailing around with his arms and legs and banging his forehead on things. You know though, as sudden and intense as these outbursts are, he's over them just as quickly. And frankly they rarely rattle me anymore (they irritated me to no end at first). It is one of my deepest desires that my children know that they can always let me know how they feel even if that feeling is displeasure or frustration. I'm teaching him that its ok to be upset but you still have to do what Mommy or Daddy say. He doesn't always agree with that second part.

Some more tidbits:

Likes to pour out and put pennies back into the piggy bank.

Tells you "stop" for everything even when we're reading books or I'm pushing him on his bike.

Lays down in bed and pretends to snore.

Says "shhhh" with his finger to his lips.

Has ditched the high chair and joined the rest of the family at the kitchen table for meals. He does very well, can climb up onto the chair by himself (we have to sometimes readjust him since for the time being we are using stacks of books as booster seats for the kids) and only climbs down once he's done eating. He even signs "all done" before he climbs down.

Swings an arm while walking. He looks so confident while doing it!

Finally colors on paper but still tries to eat the crayons so he can only do it while being supervised.

Started giving hugs and kisses without being asked! Lily is in love with the random hugs he gives her ("He hugged me Mommy!!! He's getting bigger!!!" - be still my heart).

His emphatic no's are the punctuation to most discussions nowadays. Mommy: "Its time for bed, go climb into your chair so we can nurse." Reuben: "Nnnuh!"

My little boy. I just love him so much.


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