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Friday, January 03, 2014

18 Months

 photo DSC092092_zps935b3981.jpg

Weight: 26 lbs. 9 oz.
Wears: Still mostly 18 month with the occasional size 24 month shirt thrown in
Shoe size: 6
{New} Words: shoes (soo), hot ('ot), Mommy, choo choo (too too), stuck (du), this ('is), nursies (not new but he now calls it 'ees)
{New} ASL signs: thank you, nursies (also not new but he's finally using it to ask for nursies, all the time)

Andrew and I both agree that we can't imagine what life was like before our little Reuben Garrett joined our family. His little belly laugh when he finds something to be utterly hilarious or the way he confidently plops himself down into your lap when you start reading him a book make us glance at each other with a shared smile and a wink as if to silently declare with pride "he's all ours." He has the most sunny little disposition and he makes me laugh and enjoy life just a little more when I'm watching him happily go about his day.

He still doesn't talk much yet but he has been saying more and more words each month. Even though I try not to compare my children I can't help remembering that Lily was already talking in 4 word sentences at 18 months. Reuben seems very content to point and say "that" for everything he needs. The most significant new word, to me anyway, is Mama. Sure he's been saying it since he was 10 months or so but never called out at the top of his lungs from his crib at 5am. Ever since its "Mama" all the time! He's even started calling me Mommy after hearing his big sister call me that. Sometimes he calls for me and comes looking for me wherever I happen to be in the house and sometimes he'll just sit in one spot and scream "Mum-MAAA!" at the top of his lungs.

He "sings" songs now. Check it out here.

I love how bedtime routines change and evolve over time in our house. Currently, after I nurse Reuben in the rocking chair in the dark room, I stand with him next to his crib and sing him his song. Exactly three times. He wraps his arms around me, lays his head on my shoulder and quietly sings/hums along. There are no words...

He still wakes up around 2:30am to nurse. I go in to him by the second or third "Mama" and when he sees me he asks for 'ees and tries lifting up my shirt. So we nurse all cuddled up together in the rocking chair for a few minutes. This really isn't the picture perfect moment that I seem to be depicting though since the entire time he's nursing his free hand (the one not tucked under him) is very softly caressing my arm, stomach, neck, whatever his arm can reach, which makes me cringe because his touch is too delicate on my half asleep skin so I keep pushing his hand away, sometimes a little too roughly, which makes me feel terrible but part of me is too tired to care. Normally I love it when Reuben rubs my skin, just not at 2 o' clock in the morning! I'm pretty sure Lily went through this phase too so I'm learning to grin and bear it.

Eighteen months with this little guy has zoomed by so fast. It sounds so cliche, but I cannot believe that we're at a year and a half already! Sometimes I hold him tight, tickle his neck and tell him to, for goodness sake! stop growing. Of course it doesn't work and he just laughs at me and clamors to get down and then runs off to get into some mischief or other.

This kid I tell ya, he keeps me on my toes. And I love every second of it.

This is Reuben's "choo choo" face.

 photo DSC09220_zpsa900ee83.jpg

And his "Mamaaaaaaaa!" face.

 photo DSC09206_zps5e58d95b.jpg


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