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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

17 Months

 photo DSC07623_zpsc181b69e.jpg

Weight: 26 lbs. 2 oz.
Wears: 18 month sizes and some 24 month shirts
Shoe size: 6
{New} Words: ...
{New} ASL signs: eat
Teeth: 16

Brings me dress up skirts to wear so he can dance to songs just like his big sister.

Grunts when exerting energy like when he's carrying something. Its usually something super light like a stuffed animal but man he puts the effort in!

Figured out how Legos work and is now a champion tower stacker as you can see from the picture. :)

Knows where his eyes are.

Discovered peekaboo by himself one day while sitting in a Walmart shopping cart. I never taught him how to play it so he was so adorably cute when he discovered he could "hide" from me and then suddenly reveal himself much to his own delight.

When he doesn't have a car or truck he moves his hand up and down your arm or leg making car noises.

Pretends to talk on the phone. He doesn't say much but he listens intently.

Brings books for me to read to him. He doesn't sit through all of them except for a select few. I'm going to post about his favorites soon.

Discovered the joy of slides. One day at the park Andrew helped him go down one and there was no stopping the little guy after that. He loves them! And he's fearless but very confident when climbing up and going down. I just wish playgrounds didn't have 5 foot drops without any rails to make sure little ones don't fall off. If it wasn't for that I would totally let him at it all by himself but I have to be fairly close to make sure he doesn't fall and get hurt.

Has his own song now. When Lily was little I used to sing her the same song over and over and it became her song (Bushel And A Peck). Now Reuben has his own song. The kids were given a stuffed chicken at their joint birthday party back in June that, when a button is pushed, sings You Are My Sunshine. Reuben loves it. So that's what I sing to him when I'm rocking him before nap or bedtime. It absolutely suits him too. He's my little sunshine boy.

You know how I mentioned last month that he started sleeping through the night? That didn't last long. The fall time change switched things up completely. November 3rd was D-day for more night wakings and wake up times of sometimes 4:30 am. Let's just say this past month I have been a zombie. After several weeks of him waking up grumpy at 5 am to start the day I started bringing him into bed with me to nurse for a bit because I needed those last few minutes of rest before hitting the ground running. Well more like dragging. Then one day he fell asleep while nursing right next to me in bed (he hadn't done that since we were co-sleeping when he was less than a year old) and I realized that he was grumpy because he was still tired and not ready to get up at 4 or 5 am. So I worked on getting him to go back to sleep after the 5 am nursing session. There are still days where he won't nod off and so its time to start the day at 5 but its getting better.


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