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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Weekend

Ok, I take it all back about last Thursday's post; I am loving this fall! All summer long I forget how nice it is to relax inside with the doors open and a nice breeze blowing through the house. So that's what we did this weekend. Most days this past week I've had to close the doors midday since the weather's still quite warm and our little house has no problem keeping the heat in. But this weekend we were able to keep them open all day, turn off the AC and enjoy letting the outside in for a bit.

Saturday after church we had a picnic lunch at the park with Reuben's Sabbath school class. I, of course, forgot all about it until the last minute so I didn't have anything to bring. But it was fine because the other parents brought plenty of yummy dishes. My kids didn't want to eat, they just wanted to play on the playground. Andrew helped Reuben down the slide for the first time ever. He'll climb up them but then he just sits at the top before climbing back down. I was wanting him to take the plunge at his own pace but he did very well with the slight nudge because all day Sunday he was sliding down the kiddie slide we have here at home. Saturday afternoon the kids also decided to dunk themselves in the lake before we left the park to go home. I was watching them by myself so between juggling shoes, a camera and making sure they didn't fall under I didn't get any pictures of them soaking wet. They had so much fun splashing each other. It makes me so happy to see them getting along so well and enjoying each other's company. Later that evening they helped Daddy wash and wax his truck before taking a bath, reading books and being tucked into bed.

Sunday was more of the same. Lots of outdoor time, Legos tower building inside with the doors open and sliding down slides. Andrew took Lily with him on an errand run mid-afternoon so it was Reuben and I home alone for a while. We shared a popsicle (meaning Reuben held on tightly and shoved it in my face every once in a while to "share" it with me) and rearranged the living room. We got rid of our couch several months ago so we're down to one love seat. We had pushed the coffee table out of the way leaving the kids with an open living room for them to run around, push their strollers and cars and spread out their toys while playing. Well yesterday I put the coffee table in our bedroom to use as a temporary craft table (I can't believe it fit). Now the kids have even more room to make a mess. Big surprise though, since there is less furniture in the way its easier than ever to keep the toys cleaned up and the floor swept and mopped. Makes sense.

 photo DSC07240_zps16bae45c.jpg
 photo Untitled_zps930d5071.png
 photo DSC07259_zpsc39c76cf.jpg
 photo playground1_zpsae408fe5.jpg
 photo DSC07303_zpsc179cc7b.jpg
 photo DSC07306_zps19cedd17.jpg
 photo DSC07312_zps421e119f.jpg
 photo DSC07330_zps79df5533.jpg
 photo DSC07336_zpsde73d0e8.jpg
 photo DSC07340_zpsb80b948d.jpg
 photo DSC07349_zps197ead79.jpg
 photo DSC07358_zpsc6a2ba2f.jpg
 photo DSC07365_zps50b6b1e9.jpg
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 photo DSC07379_zpsd431c1eb.jpg
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