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Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Visit to Cornfusion

I'm going to be honest with you, and you're probably going to want to slap me for this, but I'm not wildly crazy about the fall season. I know right?!?! Glancing at the thousands of Pinterest boards dedicated to the season I think may be in the minority here. Look, I don't hate it but I've never anticipated its arrival with mad excitement either. For a girl who grew up in the northeast, fall was a constant reminder that winter was just around the corner. And while I don't hate that season either, I think those of us who know what I'm talking about can agree, that while the snow and crisp temps are delightful at first, by February you're ready for some warmer weather and for the love of pete can we please see the sun?!

As a kid I lived for the summer. Growing up you could find me outside playing with friends and siblings till dark or lying in my bed with the windows open reading a good book (or two). The sunshine, warm air and colors call to me. Of course summer means something different here in the south where the heat and humidity lasts April through October, so I'm learning to embrace autumn and its cool reprieve.

I have to admit fall does bring with it certain delights. Its my chance to (finally) wear boots, bake anything and everything without heating up the house and run around outside with my kiddos without burning my feet. So I guess I'm learning to appreciate things about this season more and more.

One thing I have ALWAYS loved about fall are the countless fairs and festivals. There's just something about the smell of greasy french fries and funnels cake and the sound of twangy country music to put you in a fair mood. He he. Fair mood.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the kids and I took a trip one Sunday afternoon (Daddy had to work with the bees) to visit a farm in Lakeland that boasts an 8 acre crop maze, pumpkin patch, corn box for the kids and other fall (corn) farm related activities. Of course we had to chose the hottest day ever to go. Lily had a mini meltdown halfway through the maze, sat down and announced that she hated it. I was right there with her on that one. Chasing kids in 90 degrees, carrying water bottles and shoes while trying to snap pictures (all by myself) isn't a ton of fun. But we made it through the maze and spent a large chunk of the afternoon in the corn box. They loved it. I was finding corn in their pockets days later. :)

 photo DSC06892_zpsa1787f15.jpg
 photo DSC06889_zps78eb6401.jpg
 photo DSC06885_zps693b26d1.jpg
 photo DSC06888_zps30719eaf.jpg
 photo DSC06838_zps0c5b4f0b.jpg
 photo DSC06875_zps34d1e180.jpg
 photo DSC06852_zps83f08503.jpg
 photo DSC06891_zpsb02e7e22.jpg
 photo DSC06908_zps7852d92d.jpg


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