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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Daddy's 36th Birthday (Part 2)

 photo DSC05783_zpsc7116cde.jpg

So um, yeah, continuing with Andrew's 36th birthday celebration (which I started blogging about like a month and a half ago), we went to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo on his actual birthday and had a blast! Much like last year when we went for my birthday and the year before that when we visited the first time, again for Andrew's birthday, we didn't have to pay for the birthday person which is one of the reasons we love to go. That and it is so much fun watching the kids run around pointing out animals. This time we spend a large chunk of the afternoon at the splash area. After all it was the end of August. In Florida. And my kids are like fish when it comes to water. They soak it up. Pun intended.

Lily was super excited to see the camels and said she wanted to ride one this time. Wouldn't you know there were no camels this year! Reuben really could have cared less about the animals, he was just happy that he had plenty of room to practice his walking since discovering the skill a few weeks before.

The first two photos pretty much sum up our entire day. Mommy and Daddy pointing out the interesting animals to Lily and Reuben taking off with his new found freedom!

 photo DSC05539_zpsf354414b.jpg
 photo DSC05625_zpsfeba7f37.jpg
 photo DSC05611_zpse78eb393.jpg
 photo DSC05607_zpse2b9016a.jpg
 photo DSC05586_zps57ce20e2.jpg
 photo DSC05657_zpsa6040e19.jpg
 photo DSC05669_zpse18c33df.jpg
 photo DSC05743_zpsed7e415b.jpg
 photo DSC05686-1_zps239c7e08.jpg
 photo DSC05721_zps6179b1c7.jpg
 photo slushi1_zps5ca5574d.jpg
 photo DSC05929_zps7afdc828.jpg
 photo DSC05842_zps4ae68359.jpg
 photo DSC05857_zps84f5dcb5.jpg
 photo DSC05599_zps335099cc.jpg
 photo DSC05604_zps9ed5db4c.jpg


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