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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Conversations With My Daughter: The Bodily Function Edition (sounds promising doesn't it?)

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August 1
Lily (waking up from a short nap in the car): It was certainly a excellent idea to go to sleep.

August 1
Lily: Ladybugs are scared of music.

August 5
Lily (asking to start painting before I had finished setting everything up): Can I go to town ahead?

August 6
Lily (opening the bathroom door and peeking her head inside): I want some chocolate chips. I just wanted to let you know (closes the door and leaves).

August 9
Lily (looking at an ad in a magazine): That's not ballet, its a commercial. I want ballet.

August 30
Lily: I gotta pick these (cupcake wrappers) up cause Daddy will not like it. 
Mommy: Daddy's having a rough day. You have a rough day sometimes don't you? 
Lily: Yeah, sometimes I get frustrated and I have to take a rest.

September 2
Lily (watching me change Reuben's diaper): Whoa! That's the stinkiest, stinkiest poop that I ever seen.

September 15
Lily: I like your philtrum Mommy. I have a snotty one, but that's ok, I can still wear it.

September 18
Lily: I can help you Mommy. Lilys are an excellent job at finding. 

September 19
Lily (watching me write Daddy's name on a piece of paper): No! You can't have a Y for Daddy! That's for Lily!

September 21
Lily: Reuben's not addicted to cold things (talking about him drinking water not cold juice - like her - from his cup).

September 27
Daddy (looking around and feigning confusion): Somebody farted.
Lily: did.

October 3
Lily (pointing to the kiddie toilet in the bathroom at Walmart): Its a Lily size potty! Its fantastic!

October 3
Lily (angrily): Reuben I'm not saying anything funny to you!!! (as he's laughing about something in his carseat)

October 3
Lily (talking about Daddy getting stung): That bee said "Yummy that skin is pretty tasty. I will sting that guy." And he did!

October 7
Lily: Look I have a mustache (peanut butter).
Mommy: You're adorable.
Lily: I'm a pip!

October 14
Lily (asking her aunt about a xylophone): MariƩ do you have a bammer to bam this with?

October 21
Lily (sitting under the desk playing with tape): Mommy I'm just chillin'.

October 25
Lily (helping me chop vegetables for dinner): Cauliflowers love to run away from ya!


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