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Friday, October 18, 2013

15 months

 photo DSC06600_zps08c30aff.jpg
Weight: 25 lbs. 8 oz.
Wears: 18 month sizes
Shoe size: 5W
{New} Words: yeah
{New} ASL signs: fan, daddy
Teeth: 11

Happy 15 months littlest Reuben... almost a month late. Let's not waste any more time and get down to this past month's details shall we?

: Gives slow, open mouthed kisses complete with aaaah noises as he comes in for a slow landing. I guess they aren't so much kisses as they are kissing games.

: Loves sitting in bed in the dark after waking up from his nap, pushing his stuffed puppy Scout's paws and "singing" along and clapping to the songs.

: Points at things. He started this one night at 1 in the morning. He woke up screaming/crying and nothing I did was helping him relax and go back to sleep. So I sat down on the floor next to his crib with him in my lap and let him sob it out. He calmed down after a minute or two and then got up, wandered into the kitchen and pointed to the peanut butter jar sitting on the counter. I guess he wanted a midnight snack!

: As soon as I ask him if he wants to go night night he starts smacking his lips because I always ask him if he wants to kiss daddy before he goes 'ni' 'night.

: Says "yeah" in response to a question:
"Do you want to play outside?" - "Yeah"
"Do you want to read a book?" - "Yeah"
"Do you want your diaper changed?" - "Yeah" (actually, just kidding about that one - he hates having his diaper changed)
Its such a grownup sound. :)

: Can use a regular cup. Very well too.

: Shakes his head no. And he doesn't get confused between yes and no either. When he doesn't want something he's not afraid to emphatically shake his head to let you know "no way!"

: Does a few of the motions to Wheels on the Bus.

: Walks backwards.

And now for all of the sleep related stuff. Because if there is one thing a parent obsesses over its their child's sleep.

: He started out the month really well. After the previous month he owed me. Each afternoon/night I nurse him in the rocking chair while singing a song. Then I lay him in his bed, tuck his blanket under his arms to which he giggles and wiggles around. He actually loves it! Then I turn on Scout for 10 minutes, pat him on the head and leave. He doesn't fuss but goes right to sleep.

However, as us parents know, when it comes to kids, established things can change in an instant.

: Two weeks later he went from taking two naps a day (most days) and going to bed giggling to taking up to an hour sometimes to go to sleep (for naps anyway). He would play with his toys and eventually fall asleep. This made it so that most of the time he never got a second nap because his first one didn't end till the second one was supposed to begin. This was even after I nursed him and he closed his eyes and started to get sleepy in my arms. It just made for a bit of a cranky baby by the time bedtime came around.

: As for sleeping through the night he was waking up between 4 - 4:45ish to nurse and then waking up for the day at 6:30. I can handle that.

: He also decided one night that he could sleep through Lily's nighttime shenanigans. She's screaming "I don't want to go to bed!!!" and he just sleeps through it or if he wakes up he sits there calmly observing the situation and then puts himself back to sleep. What a relief knowing that when (not if) she starts screaming about not wanting to go to sleep that it won't bother him.

I blogged about Lily turning 15 months old back in the day. You check that out HERE.


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