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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

14 Months

 photo DSC05434_zps4f46398d.jpg

Weight: 24 lbs. 14 oz.
Height: 31 1/4" tall
Shoe size: 4.5W
Words: mama, dada, hi, nanana (nursies)
American Sign Language (ASL) Signs: all done, nursies, hi/goodbye, more
Teeth: 10

Time seems to be flying by this time with a second child. With Lily I was able to savor each moment because it was just us two amigos, no distractions. But with Reuben, my attention's divided and then all of a sudden I look and its like "What! You're walking already??!! When did this happen??!!" Sometimes I'm a sobbing mess (on the inside anyway) remembering what it was like when he was a newborn and he had his whole first year of life still ahead of him. Now here we are past that already and looking forward to him talking and running. Its just a reminder to slow down and enjoy each moment...even the tough ones.

Here are 14 things about Reuben this past month leading up 14 months old:

1. He started walking! My big boy.

2. He waves hi. And says it too. It sounds like "haaa." We're raising a redneck.

3. Got his first battle scar. Get the details here. And can I just say...that first picture, those! I just want to bite 'em.

4. Lets discuss sleeping habits. Although "habit" insinuates a pattern or usual manner of behavior, neither of which can be used to describe how Reuben goes to/stays asleep currently. As soon as he started walking he decided sleep was for the birds. He went from taking two predictable 1.5 hour naps a day to...I can't even describe what our situation has been for the past several weeks...its all over the place. Sometimes he'll go down for his morning nap no problem and sleep the usual amount of time and sometimes its only for an hour. Other times he just fusses and cries in bed for up to an hour so no morning nap that day. On the days that he takes a good morning nap he often fights taking an afternoon nap and then gets grumpy by late afternoon because he's so tired. I was convinced he was dropping a nap and googled "how to tell your baby is dropping his morning nap" for answers. It was 50/50 on that because he really looked like he needed two naps plus he wasn't even 14 months yet for goodness sake! Isn't that pretty early for kids to go down to only one nap a day? I'd read kids typically drop a nap between 15 and 18 months old. Although, my mom and other moms I've talked tell me stories of their kids dropping a nap at 9 to 12 months so who knows...Its more difficult with a second child because you already have that experience with a first one and sometimes you think things are going to be the same from kid to kid. Not so. Lily took two 2 hour naps till she was about 19 months old. I was projecting that onto Reuben to no avail. The kid has a mind of his own. Darn it. Things have started to look up now though. I guess he just needed to get it out of his system because, for the past few days he's starting to go back to taking two normal naps a day. And they're actually becoming longer in length. I can count on one hand the number of times he's slept for 2 hours or more and its becoming more common now so yay for that! I have a lot more to say on this subject but it can wait for another day, this is getting long enough.

5. On the subject of sleep, we I tried night weaning him this last month. Twice. He has always woken up several times (sometimes up to 5 times) a night and I've always gone into his room and nursed him back to sleep each time. But it was getting to be too much and was really disrupting my sleep patterns. I was/am exhausted a lot of the time. So at about 13 months I decided to only nurse him once a night in the hopes it would be the first step towards getting him to sleep through the night. I would go in to nurse him at the 2:30 - 3:30 waking and Andrew was on duty the other times. It wasn't easy. The boy likes to have a boob to fall back asleep to. But we were doing it and he started only waking between 1 - 3 times. It was nice. And then the whole learning-how-to-walk-so-now-I-don't-want-to-sleep thing happened and it was back to waking several times a night and me going in there to nurse him a few times. But, I was determined to try it again so at almost 14 months I went back to once a night and I've pretty much stuck to it with a few half asleep, I forgot my plan, its the middle of the night extra nursing sessions. He's still waking up a couple times a night but I gently nudge Andrew and he goes in there and does who knows what to help him calm down. I'm too busy trying to fall back to sleep.

6. He learned to climb down stairs. And he doesn't do it by scooting backwards on his hands and knees. Oh no! he holds onto the rail and walks down one careful step at a time like any big boy would.

7. He spins around in circles. Very slowly and usually to music.

8. I think he's started to make car sounds when he's pushing his vehicles around on the floor. I'm not 100% sure. Further study to verify may be in order.

9. He enjoys sharing food and tries to feed you by aiming the food towards your mouth but often missing by several inches.

10. He's developed a temper. Right on schedule. He does not like being made to come inside for naptime or to get out of the bathtub before he's ready. I try to accommodate him as much as possible but sometimes a 45 minute bath is enough.

11. He started blowing on his food to cool it down. I guess he's seen the rest of us do it so he decided to do it too! Its really the cutest thing ever. He now will come stand next to me when I'm cooking at the stove and he'll start blowing. I always thank him for his help. :)

12. He likes to "read" books. He thumbs through the pages babbling to himself. I bet his version is more interesting.

13. He randomly throws things in the trash. I've found toys, books, Lily's sippy cup and kitchen utensils in there. I have to keep constant watch over it now.

14. He's a great helper when it comes to cleaning up. He picks things up when asked and puts them where they belong. With a little help of course. So they don't end up in the trash. ;)

 photo DSC03683_zps666e7192.jpg
 photo DSC03716_zps5ffd022e.jpg
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 photo DSC043742_zps409dda46.jpg
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 photo DSC04838_zps33fe75f6.jpg
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