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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It's Official, He's a Walker!

 photo Reuben_walking_animation_zps6cf93163.gif

Sunday afternoon Reuben surprised himself by taking a couple of steps unassisted in an attempt to get from one kitchen chair to another. He looked up at me like "what was that?!" and the two of us had a good chuckle over his accidental discovery. I thought it had ended there and that, while we may start seeing more steps slowly over time, that he wouldn't be making it official for many weeks or even months to come. But Reuben had other plans. Later that day he let go of the couch and took several purposeful steps before falling to the ground. He kept practicing the rest of the afternoon with a big grin on his face as he tottered precariously for first, a few feet at a time, and then, after several attempts, making it across the entire room. Later that evening he decided to work on standing up from a seated position. Not one to give up easily, he was determined to perfect his newfound skills.

Now I'll hear wobbly footsteps coming from the other room and I look around the corner and there's my little boy, arms straight out at his sides with his tongue sticking out, concentrating on the task at hand. He sees me and his face lights up and he starts laughing from pure joy...which inevitably makes him tumble to the ground. :) He's so proud of himself and golly but if his excitement isn't contagious! I'm so proud of you too my little man!


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