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Friday, August 02, 2013

Hamming It Up

I was doing my bi-annual check of my Google+ account earlier today when I came across these video call snapshots of when the kids and I were in Maine a couple months ago. It was the first time Lily had ever video chatted and she loved being able to see Daddy and tell him goodnight before going to bed. And apparently I like to make goofy faces when I know I'm being recorded.

 photo hangout_snapshot_5_zps4f45a9b2.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_02_zps5f6e7ca8.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_92_zps5c3d5232.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_6_zps5e29578f.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_91_zps6991beb9.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_0_zps39172eab.jpg

I was thinking Google+ Hangout was pretty cool and easy to use. And then we discovered the effects and it got way more cooler. I'm sure that last part isn't grammatically correct but sometimes you just gotta to get your point across am I right??

 photo hangout_snapshot_03_zpsa2a38624.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_31_zps025e4637.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_2_zps657758a5.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_01_zps423a8743.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_1_zps5eb76f61.jpg
 photo hangout_snapshot_10_zps910cd1ad.jpg

^^Those horns mean so much more after a day like we had today. :/^^


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