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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Conversations With My Daughter: The Sweet Edition

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June 17
Lily (pointing to Mommy): My nursies are sticky and sweet. Marshmallows are sticky and sweet. And you are.

June 20
Lily: I said poop! That's hilarious!

June 20
Lily (talking to herself): Where is my ball? I had it earlier. That's weird.

June 24
Lily (talking to Mommy while she's watching a YouTube video): You can watch tornado chasers if you want to. 

June 27
Lily: Say Happy Birthday Mommy.
Mommy: Happy Birthday Lily.
Lily (bashfully): That's so sweet.

June 27
Lily (reaching out to slowly and affectionately touch Reuben's hand as he's sleeping): He's so beautiful.

June 28
Lily: Daddy, you snuck up on me. (quietly to herself) He shouldn't do that.

June 29
Lily: I'm the king. Daddy, you're a king too. And Mommy's a king.
Daddy: Can I be Elvis?
Lily: Yeah. You're Elvis.
Daddy: Who's Reuben?
Lily: Murphy.

July 4
Lily: Its a caudapilder Mommy! Reuben's going to 'molish it!

July 6
Lily (asking to play outside): Mom, I'm assuming the mosquito bites won't get me on the porch.

July 11
Lily (after almost falling off a kitchen chair):! I shouldn't do that. I could fall through there!

July 29
Lily (watching Mommy eat a burrito): Wow Mommy! You packed it in your mouth!

July 31
Lily (hugging her nursies): "Squeeze, squeeze, don't stop please." (phrase is from the book Huggy Kissy by Leslie Patricelli)


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