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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Quick Visit to the Farm

 photo DSC04184_zps9c5b98a4.jpg

Some friends from church have been urging us to come over and check out their small family farm. So one morning last week, when we heard that some chicks had very recently hatched, we got our little butts in gear and headed out there. Daddy took a few minutes off of work and met us there since its just down the road from his brother's barn where he works every day. The sun was bright and very hot already at 9:30 in the morning but we had fun traipsing around in the dirt and mud chasing chicks and other animals.

 photo DSC04149_zps00363b08.jpg
 photo DSC04260_zps84860ead.jpg
 photo DSC04245_zpsd3fd5081.jpg
 photo DSC04201_zps9dfa3233.jpg
 photo DSC04220_zpsc4a1830e.jpg

^^A week later and Lily still talks about the chicks and how they "love" her.^^

 photo DSC04235_zpscaa53638.jpg
 photo DSC04141_zpsef544c6f.jpg
 photo DSC04160_zps33156fe4.jpg
 photo DSC04183_zpsf570af94.jpg

^^Reuben wasn't too enthusiastic about any of the animals. That could have been because it was his nap time.^^

 photo DSC04279_zps430098ae.jpg

^^Chick butt!^^

 photo DSC04306_zps47aec4f9.jpg

^^Well hello there!^^

 photo DSC04321_zpsb302a4a8.jpg
 photo DSC04349_zps99283561.jpg

Visiting the farm further solidified my dream to have my own farm one day in the not so distant future. I can totally see myself getting up early to gather eggs and feed the animals (stop laughing Andrew...). And a garden...I absolutely want a large garden where I can grow strawberries, broccoli, squash, zucchini and other fruits and vegetables that my family love. Lily already enjoys watering the few pots of plants we're growing here in town. I know they both would love having animals around all the time and lots and lots of fruits and veggies to pick. Someday I hope...someday.


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