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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reuben's First Haircut

Reuben and his crazy hair. Part straight, part curly. And always in his eyes. Since he was 6 months or so I've vacillated between "he needs a haircut sooooo badly" and "I don't want to cut off those soft, sweet curls!" Well it finally got to the point where it was too wild and crazy and I could seriously put it up in a ponytail if I wanted to...with hair to spare. So a few weeks ago (a couple of days before his 1st birthday) we took him to the salon to get his first haircut. Here he is pre-haircut. Obviously something needed to be done.

 photo DSC00160_zps3fa0d7fc.jpg
 photo DSC09675_zpsc61b3439.jpg
 photo DSC01620_zps522cc892.jpg

He took it very first. He kept looking at the stylist like "Excuse me. What do you think you are doing?"

 photo DSC01623_zpsfcb7ae06.jpg
 photo DSC01624_zps7b34326f.jpg
 photo DSC01634_zpsfb44682e.jpg

I was explaining to her how I wanted her to cut his hair and she says "you want a typical little boy haircut." Yup, that's right. :)

 photo DSC01639_zps030c8ce9.jpg
 photo DSC01641_zpse998e2d3.jpg

This is about the time that he decided that he didn't need to sit still anymore.

 photo DSC01644_zpsacd76981.jpg

So he decided to spin around and sit backwards for a while.

 photo DSC01646_zps4e7ecb9e.jpg

I stepped in and tried helping him hold still so she could hopefully make straight cuts (she didn't do a perfect job but under the circumstances I can't blame her!).

 photo DSC01650_zps3f918a9b.jpg

He decided he needed a few Mommy kisses. :)

 photo DSC01652_zps364f0beb.jpg
 photo DSC01653_zps50aa644e.jpg
 photo DSC01655_zps849da040.jpg

Some kissing, spinning around and general fidgeting later and we discovered a little boy under all that hair! I tried getting a decent picture once we left the salon but Reuben doesn't like to hold still for pictures if he doesn't have to. So these two are as good as I got.

 photo DSC01662_zpsa54f1019.jpg

Its quite amazing how cutting off a few strands of hair can make a person look so different. My little baby no longer looks like a little baby! He's a little boy now. Turning 1 year old helped solidify that tearful realization. But more on that later...

 photo haircut_zpsbebf5adc.png


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