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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conversations With My Daughter: The Grownup Discussion Edition

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April 21
Daddy: You're feeling bad aren't you?
Lily: Yeah. I feel miserable.

April 23
Lily: Let's crawl out of the room.
Mommy: You want to crawl? Ok.
Lily: Yeah, let's be spiders.

April 23
Mommy (looking in the fridge for something for breakfast): We could have scrambled eggs...
Lily: Or popsicles...

April 25
Lily (putting a bandaid on my knee): There. Your knee will feel better later. I promise.

April 29
Mommy: Don't step on the crack (in the sidewalk).
Lily: That's a worm, silly girl mommy!

May 5
Mommy: I'm sorry I stepped on the caterpillar.
Lily: He was going home to his mommy and daddy.
Mommy: Well maybe he's going to heaven now. Maybe we'll see them up there. That's where you go when you die. Did you know that? Its very nice there with lots of grass and flowers and you can play. Jesus lives there, did you know that?
Lily (very sincerely): That's probably what He does Mommy. You step on worms and they go to heaven and Jesus fixes them. 
Mommy (walks away with tears in my eyes).

May 5
Lily: Help me make eggs Mommy. I can't do it cause they fall out and get dead.

May 12
Lily: We don't want to wake up Daddy, he's going to be very upset. We have to be quiet. Lets tiptoe to my room.

May 14
Mommy: Can you go get a wipe to clean up the beans you just got on my leg?
Lily: Actually I have a better idea. I can lick it off?

May 18
Lily (about to throw up): This is not got to be good.

May 22
Lily: What's wrong with the bed? Its not c'operating.

May 25
Lily: We need to go to the doctor this morning; they need to check out my eyes.

June 8
Lily: Can I go outside?
Mommy:  Well I'd like to say yes... 
Lily (leaning in and whispering): Say yes. 

June 11
Louisa (knocking on the bathroom door): I need to go potty. 
Lily: You can't come in. I'm organizing. 

June 11
Mommy (asking from the driver's seat): Is Reuben asleep (in his car seat)?
Lily (looking over at Reuben): No. He's not. He certainly is tired though. 

June 11
Lily (looking at a large, flat, circular cut out piece of a tree trunk on display at a museum): Look its a pizza! Oh! Somebody broke it.

June 12
Lily: Its yoyo time! 

June 12
Lily (talking about her brother): He's betermined (determined) to get my nursies.

June 14
Lily (holding a flower seed): You know Mommy, this is kinda nasty.


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