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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

13 months

 photo DSC03521_zpsf27385f2.jpg
24 lbs.
Would wear mostly 18 month size but I need to actually buy him some more 18 month size clothes. I'm trying to get my money's worth out of the 12 month ones (or so I keep telling myself - I may just be lazy).

Originally I was only going to document Reuben's monthly progress for the first 12 months of his life then I changed my mind since new discoveries don't stop when you turn 1 year old and I need a way of recording them and isn't this such a nice way of doing that? Ok ok, I'll be honest with you, I had every intention of scrapbooking every.single.milestone of Lily and Reuben's life and well...4 pages into Lily's book and 1 in Reuben's and I've kinda given up. For the time being anyway. Maybe someday when I have more time and room to work on it. In the meantime, this is easier.

So here we are at happy 13 months! ...And it has been quite a month.

The whole walking thing has really taken off recently. He doesn't walk on his own yet, in fact he doesn't even stand on his own, but he certainly can manipulate chairs and toys, and well anything that moves basically, into an object that can propel him around. And he's fast let me tell you! His high chair, the computer desk chair, a kitchen chair and Lily's doll stroller are just a few of the household furniture/toys that have taken on a new role recently. Its adorable not only watching him "walk" but walking into a room myself and seeing a random chair standing there and knowing that Reuben was on a mission...and then got distracted. :)

In addition to trying out walking he's also decided that climbing is fun too. I've become more aware (since coming across some great articles months ago) of the natural sense of attentiveness and concentration children possess when climbing, oh say, a kiddie slide...or onto the kitchen table. Cause that happens on a regular basis now. I stand back and watch (but stay close enough to catch him if he's about to hurt himself) and try not to freak out. He's still working on getting down from things but if he can't manage it himself he sits there and "asks" for help by screeching really loudly. He knows it works. And if I don't want him climbing on something...or going somewhere or whatever...then I just ask him and he'll stop...some of the time. I know he understands because he stops and looks at me and thinks about whether he wants to obey or not. Its absolutely endearing and adorably frustrating to watch him contemplate whether he wants to do as I say or not. Other times when I go ahead and remove him from a situation he gets upset with me and will let me know it! He tenses up, straightens all of his limbs, raises his voice and will actually back talk me now!

He knows where his tongue is. I've been trying to capture it on film but he's sneaky. :)

He finally looks at books without always having to eat them first and will occasionally sit and listen to a story.

I've tried letting him use crayons to color on paper but they only go straight into his mouth so I gave up. We were in the car the other day and he had Lily's LeapFrog Scribble & Write and he drew a picture on the traceable surface with the stylus...intentionally. You betcha I got a picture of his first drawing. Check out my Instagram feed. ;)

I try not to compare my kids out loud (and especially not in front of them) but I can't help but look at the two of them and notice the unique differences. I never used to be a firm believer in the intrinsic gender differences between kids, but now having one of each, I can't help but see the natural way Reuben, with no prompting from us, pushes trucks along the floor or is way more interested in dirt than Lily ever was or is. Sure he likes to play dolls with his sister, but let me tell you he is all boy! In every sense of the word. I'm having so much fun discovering those special things that make this little boy of mine the rough and tumble little guy that he is!

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 photo DSC02431_zpsf01a4d00.jpg

^Yup, that happened.^

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