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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I almost forgot about Father's Day this year since the kids and I only came back from our Maine vacation the Thursday before. So at the last minute (Saturday afternoon) I was hurriedly wondering how the kids and I could make the day special for Daddy. Then I tossed out every idea and asked him if he wanted to go to dinner at the same buffet we went to on Mother's Day since he said he really enjoyed the food. He said yes and so that's what we did.

But first, before that happened, this happened:

 photo DSC01340_zpsb0949d19.jpg

^Sunshine pancakes for brunch.^

Pancakes and/or waffles are a huge hit in our house. For brunch, dinner or a late night matters not. I used this recipe but modified it to be gluten-free. My sister Louisa made them for us, twice, when we were in Maine (pancakes must be a Westling family thing then) and it is my go-to recipe now.

 photo DSC01345_zpsce7e789a.jpg

^Reuben loves them.^

Not photographed but thoroughly enjoyed were naps all around, playing outside in the sunshine, and a trip to Walmart after dinner to pick up a few things.

 photo DSC01359_zps248d724f.jpg
 photo DSC01364_zps1bdbdb7d.jpg
 photo DSC01366_zpsaa7b994b.jpg
 photo fathers_day_zps7ade45c1.jpg
 photo DSC01397_zps7dc11543.jpg
 photo DSC01399_zpseabec162.jpg
 photo DSC01409_zpsf7808aa1.jpg
 photo DSC01410_zps48fdfc5b.jpg
 photo DSC01415_zps70b4b319.jpg

Thank you Andrew for being such a patient and loving Daddy to our two precious kiddos. We all love you so much!


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