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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

11 months

 photo DSC08312_zpsb6cde531.jpg
22 lbs. 11 oz.
Still wears 12 month clothes although he did fit into an 18 month sleeper recently but I think the sizing was off...different brand and all.

Ah Reuben. I truly love you kid. You're becoming a little man before my very eyes and I fall head over heels in love with you more and more every day! Every day you're surprising me with some new thing you've learned and it makes my heart melt when you grin at me with those 7 little teeth of yours showing as if to say "look Mom at how smart I am!"

You cruise around the house very fast now and bother your sister to no end. Oh the drama when you use her to pull to standing or try grabbing something out of her hand. She's bitten you more than a few times for such offenses. You cry huge tears for a couple of minutes and need Mommy to hug you and then you're off on another mischievous adventure.

Its become very apparent to me that you are a bit more stubborn than your sister was/is in pretty much every way. You still have only signed "nursies" that one time several months ago that I can recall, even though I still sign it (almost) every time we nurse. You're persistent when it comes to touching things you shouldn' your sister's toys that you have your eye on...or going places you shouldn't slipping into the bathroom when the door is left open. You don't give up easily when you really want something. Your quiet determination to investigate all corners of the house and dismantle whatever you find is really quite endearing. I really mean it when I say that I love coming around the corner and finding all of the laundry from the hamper in a giant pile on the floor. I love the little reminders that you were there. :) Despite your stubbornness boy do you listen well when I gently reprimand you. A quick "no biting Mommy" and your teeth are no longer clamped down on a finger or shoulder. Of course you look at me and grin and giggle about it! Yup, you're giving me a run for my money already little guy. And boy do I love it!

You have a real zest for life my little one. You're always smiling and clapping. You love people and people love you.

You may be an on-the-go little guy but you still have moments here and there for snuggles. You'll lay your head down on my shoulder or chest and cuddle for a second or two. I cherish those moments. Especially those first moments in the morning when you wake up and roll all over the bed and then you come over and gently lay your head down on me and smile at me. It may only last for a couple of seconds but it makes waking up super early worth it.

Just a few developments this past month:

You like to blow raspberries. Often on my tummy. I flinch each time you lean in to lay one on me because I think you're going to bite me!

You are a champion eater. You'll eat pretty much everything I put in front of you. I like that.

One evening, just after arriving in Maine (more about our trip later I promise you my readers...all two of you ;), we were sitting in the checkout aisle in Walmart you and pressed your hand to your mouth and patted it on there making "aaaaaahhhhhhh" noises making your voice fluctuate. You figured it out all on your own. Right there in the store. Needless to say you were quite proud of yourself for that one.

You discovered climbing while we were on vacation. Not much of a chance to climb here at home but Grandpa had stairs leading up to his apartment building and a wonderful playground down the road. You were the stair master! You mastered those stairs. (Name that movie...;)

We had to get you a new car seat this past month since you've outgrown your infant seat. It was actually the first car seat we've ever purchased come to think of it. Way too many options out there. We ended up just getting the same one as your cousin Seth. Not that you care...

From my Facebook on May 13th: Little guy has figured out how sippy cups work. He's tips his head back, holds the cup with both hands, tips it up and sucks away! Mostly on his sister's cups that he finds...

I know I mentioned this last month but its worth mentioning again. You absolutely hate having your diaper changed. Or getting dressed. It doesn't help if one of your aunts does it either. You still scream and fuss. I try to have you help with the activities like talking you through it and asking you to put your arms or legs in. Sometimes that helps.

Oh and you also added another word to your repertoire of verbal skills. One day you looked at me with the saddest look and said "Mamamama nananana!" I got the hint. Time to nurse it was!

So here we are. One month till you're the big 1! Well, a week actually because this post is kind of late. Whatever. Here's to you little guy, you make life tons of fun! I love you.


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