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Monday, May 06, 2013

10 Months

 photo DSC06329_zps51aef401.jpg
22 lbs. 5 oz.
Wears 12 month clothes

You've hit the doubles digits little man. For goodness sake stop growing! I know if you could talk you'd have a lot to say against that idea since you've learned so much fun stuff in the past 10 months. Why just this past month you've learned how to cruise along the couch, get to the coffee table and back again. Now when you set your mind to wanting to go somewhere there's nothing stopping you. Except maybe the gate I put up so you can't escape to the outside when I'm not looking.

You have your own little mind now too. You know what you like and don't like and currently you aren't a big fan of diaper changes. Oh the drama when it comes time to change your diaper. You don't like sitting or lying still. You'd rather be wiggling your way to the edge of the bed and looking over than having your butt wiped. I can understand that. Watching the dog laying on the floor licking himself or laughing at yourself in the mirror is way more interesting than having your diaper changed.

Oh and you stood up in your crib for the first time. Which brought on a whole new set of issues. The mattress needed to be lowered so I did. But then you decided you didn't like that it was different and you started refusing to go to sleep without screaming and requiring that I rock, bounce, shush and/or nurse you to sleep. So we were back to doing the check-on-you-and-let-you-know-we're-still-here-and-that-everything's-ok-every-5-minutes thing while you screamed your little heart out. Poor baby. Luckily it didn't last too long and you were back to falling asleep on your own again...most of the time. Now we just need to work on helping you learn to self sooth so you're not waking up every 3 - 4 hours at night and I have to stick a boob in your face to get you to go back to sleep. What can I say though? you prefer sleeping in bed with your mommy to that cold, boring crib. I can't complain too much. It makes me happy being able to cuddle and nurse you at night and wake up to you sitting in the middle of the bed in the morning clapping your hands with a big smile on your face. I need to leave my camera on the dresser one of these nights before I go to bed so I can take a picture...or video...of you in the morning. It certainly puts a smile on my face too watching you greet the day my sweet little boy.

While you may prefer me at night for nursies and soothing back to sleep, during the day its all about Daddy. You light up when you see him walk into the room and you look for him when he walks away. You love it when he holds you enveloped in his arms, you stare and gently touch his face with your hand. I guess its fitting that you said "dada" first. :)

I love you Reuben Garrett. You light up our lives with your infectious smile and deep belly laughs. I could just eat you up!


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