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Friday, April 05, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

Ready for another installment of Favorite Things Friday? Here's where I share whatever's been tickling my fancy, floating my boat, rockin' my world...and other such idioms. Here ya go!

 photo favorite_things_friday_4513_zps27504750.png

1. Cafe String Lights - This past Christmas I hung blue and white icicle lights all around the edge of our carport. I was a little sad when it was time to take them down because they looked so pretty and sparkly hanging there and they made our unremarkable driveway look all festive and fun. But then I thought why not find some string lights and hang them up to stay all year long? I've been looking at these from Ikea. I especially like them because they're solar powered. Picture found here.

2. Dunkin Donuts Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta - My current weakness. So yummy but so bad for you. That's why I only get a small one maybe once (...ok twice) a month. ;)

3. Ann Taylor LOFT Sunwashed Tee - Folks, I have found my new favorite t-shirt. No need to look any further. This is it! I bought this neon pink/gray striped one and a few of the colored ones and so far the striped one is my favorite. It is super soft and is long enough (but not too long) that it hits me at the widest part of my hips/thighs (very important in my book). While I ordered them in my normal size (a small which fits perfectly) I kind of wish I had gone up a size or even two which would have made them a bit looser/more drapey on me (cooler for the summer maybe?) instead of being form fitting all around. Its not that big a deal really and I'm sure I'll be back to buy more. Also, the solid colored ones are 100% cotton and may shrink up in the wash. I guess I'll just be careful to make sure I only wash them in cold water and only hang them to dry. I got mine when they were having a 50% off sale recently. Definitely worth it!

4. Alexander Rybak - The kids and I have been listening to him non-stop on Spotify! His music is the best to clean the house to! haha I dare you to sit still while listening to him. Go check him out!

5. Simple Styles Spin Pins - I have super thick, long hair. Well, a little less thick now thanks to PPHL (postpartum hair loss) - seriously, my shower hates me. But anyway, those of you who have also been blessed with thick hair know the importance, and annoyance, of using bobby pins when attempting to undertake any kind of updo. For years I was using bobby pins by the dozens to keep my hair in place, inevitably stabbing my head in the process, but no more! thanks to Goody's spin pins. Wow, I sound like an advertisement. Seriously though, I use these things every time I put my hair up. I actually bought two packs of them for a total of 4 pins since I needed a little extra help. Thick hair like I said. They twist in super easy and achieve that messy bun look that is so in right now. I sometimes have to use a bobby pin or two to help tuck in flyaways but no where near the 20+ that I was using before. My scalp thanks me.

What are some things you've been fancying recently?


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