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Monday, March 11, 2013

8 Months

 photo DSC04478_zps6a6609d1.jpg
20 lbs. 8 oz.
Wears mostly 12 month clothes

I realize its actually been two weeks since Reuben turned 8 months but I've taken a bit of a break from the blog to get some much needed sleep...which hasn't really helped. I'm convinced that once you pop out a kid there's no going back to those nights of a full 8 hours of (uninterrupted) sleep. So here's to staying up late, perusing Pinterest and composing blog posts!

Well we're in full on Crawl Alert mode here in the Eroh household. This past month he's made great headway in the learning to crawl arena but he hasn't mastered the skill quite yet. He started out the month by learning to spin around while sitting. After a while he was doing rotations upon rotations. Sometimes he would just sit and spin. Its really quite cute to watch. Once he mastered that skill he went on to pushing himself around on the floor. I would set him down in one spot, walk into the other room and walk back in to find him halfway across the floor! Whether backwards or forwards he was determined to get to where he wanted to go. Then he graduated to trying to pull himself up on everything. Not even attempting to get to his hands and knees yet and he's already trying to climb things. My little overachiever. Then one late Saturday afternoon in early February he was sitting on the living room floor when he leaned out on his hands and put one leg in back with one still in front and got stuck that way. Lily helped him pull his leg out but he must have had a taste of something good because from there it wasn't too long before he was lunging forward on his hands and one knee, picking his butt up off the floor and attempting to get into the crawling stance. So far its just been a lot of lunging forward and then settling back down on his bum but I know one day he'll surprise us and take off. Then he'll be mobile. Hmmm, I really need to tidy this house...

This past month he also...

Sat in a swing at the park for the first time and loved it!

Started eating solid food just recently. Nothing too serious. Just a few fruits and veggies (and apparently rice) here and there. We take the whole thing kind of slow and easy. No reason to jump in head first and start feeding the kid 3 meals a day every day.

Got a new high chair. Now that he's eating solid food we thought it was a good idea if he had his own seat to sit in (Lily's old high chair was rendered unusable thanks to having to be stored out on the front porch [no storage anywhere in our house] and the Florida elements getting to it). Maybe him sitting in a high chair and eating real food now will give us a much needed boost to eat at the kitchen table for meals as a family.

Cries when we take things away from him. That includes the tiniest little pieces of paper he finds on the floor. Having a toddler (who loves to use her scissors to cut tiny pieces of paper) and a baby (who likes to eat them) is going to run me ragged. And keys. Specifically car keys. He's obsessed with them. The only way he will go into his car seat with no fussing is if I give him my keys when I put him in. But when I have to take them away so I can, you know drive, he very loudly tells me how he feels about that.

Fights the third nap so much that its pointless to even try any more. He's hated going down for anything more than two naps since he started taking regular naps. Good news though. His naps have been getting a bit longer up from 1 hr. 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. Even the very rare two.

Realized that he likes some people more than others. Close family he's ok with. Strange people that he doesn't know very well who want to hold him? Yeah, back off buddy cause that ship ain't sailing. He's starting to lean towards me with his arms sort of outstretched, sort of not, as if to say "rescue me Mommy!"

 photo 8_months_zpse371ae79.jpg
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