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Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Party at the Park

 photo DSC03331_zpsa42c175f.jpg

Last week the kids and I met up with some mom friends and their kids at a local park for a Valentine's picnic. To say there was an overload of red and pink and hearts would be putting it mildly. There were red and pink decorations and food and even red and pink boxes for the kids to decorate...with red and pink heart stickers of course.

Lily had so much fun decorating her box to put her Valentine cards - that the kids exchanged - in. A week later and she's still rearranging stickers and finding new ones to put on it. Reuben had fun too, sleeping in the carrier on my back or sitting on the blanket in the grass playing with toys and watching the big kids running around. He was quite the hit, at one point he had at least 4 little girls surrounding him talking to him and trying to help him calm down when he started crying. Poor boy missed his morning nap. And afternoon nap too since we were there well into mid afternoon.

I think I need to step it up in the creative party planning arena. An amazingly put together bug birthday party one day and then two days later, all this? Luckily there's Pinterest to the rescue. The creatively challenged (and list obsessed) part of me thanks my lucky stars for that. :)

 photo DSC03388_zps88771d43.jpg
 photo DSC03393_zps72c390e1.jpg
 photo DSC03360_zpsb8c5f762.jpg
 photo DSC03362_zps14cead86.jpg
 photo DSC03405_zps05fb0a97.jpg
 photo DSC03407_zps1056c96e.jpg
 photo DSC03434_zps091da1e4.jpg
 photo DSC03415_zps712b088b.jpg
 photo DSC03380_zps6c14c0b5.jpg
 photo DSC03456_zps24589d66.jpg
 photo DSC03487_zps6fad44de.jpg
 photo DSC03482_zps3b535d07.jpg
 photo DSC03481_zpsca89137a.jpg
 photo DSC03503_zps04804d8b.jpg
^^Lily made out well in the Valentine department.


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