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Monday, February 04, 2013

Ships In The Night

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I miss this man.

We haven't seen much of him recently. During the week he's up early (like 5:00 kinda early) getting ready for work while Reuben and I are still snoozing away in bed. Then later that night he goes to bed at 10 while I stay up late working on my blog...or catching up on Downton Abbey, it depends on where I left the Crawleys last. I've been known to stay up till all hours of the night to finish a season of a show because I couldn't leave it hanging. Spring Break of '07 was particularly exhausting. I watched two entire seasons of Lost that week. Oh to be an irresponsible college student again...

Anyway, as I was saying, Andrew and I manage to snatch a couple of hours together once the kids are in bed for the night which are primarily spent cuddling on the couch watching Voyager. We really need to try some more diverse entertainment but by the time the kids are asleep all we want to do is sit and veg. Voyager is all our poor, tired bodies can handle.

The weekends are pretty much the same. He works all day Sunday with his brother and doesn't come home till late. Saturday is the exception. That's our family day and I look forward to it all week long. Like I get giddy excited at the prospect of spending time with my hubby and kids all together as a family. Yes, I do love that he's home helping take care of them, giving me a bit of a break, but its more than that. Its that I can relax knowing that we don't have to seize every single second we can only to have it slip away far too soon. And the kids miss him too. They often don't get to see him but for a few minutes before they have to go to bed. Many times Reuben's already in bed when Andrew comes home from work. Lily talks about Daddy being at work and is overjoyed when he walks through the front door at night. Even Reuben is starting to prefer Andrew over me occasionally and I love watching father and son play together when they have a few minutes to themselves.

I know it won't always be like this, circumstances are what they are and eventually they will change for the better giving us more time together. I take comfort in knowing that and I also appreciate that my husband works so hard to take care of his family and that he loves us so much to work so hard to provide everything we need. It also helps knowing that he hates it as much as I do. Ha!

Sometimes misery does love company.


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