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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Conversations With My Daughter: The She-Said-What?! Edition

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January 12
Lily (praying): Be together. And we had a great day. And we take pictures. And building. And we play in the grass all day long. And a great day. And its not my bedtime. Amen.

January 15
Lily (complaining of hunger): There's a frog in my tummy. Ribbit! Ribbit!

January 18
Lily: Are you upset? (cuddles into me) I'm upset too.

January 18
Lily (rubs her tummy with a pained expression): I think its gas.

January 22
Lily: So how are you today?
Mommy: I'm good. How are you? What did you do today?
Lily (after a long pause): I hurt my feelings. (looks away from me and holds up her hand palm out) Don't talk. I hurt my feelings.

January 23
Lily: Mommy don't say no a me. Its not nice.

January 23
Lily (holding my breast pump): I want to pump some milk. I'm thirsty.

January 25
Lily (holding a long strand of hair in her hand): Mommy can I have my scissors for the eewie? Its from your crotch.

*I debated putting that one on the blog to be read and reread by complete strangers, but hey, why not? I'm sure at one time or another we've all had our two-year-old bring up the subject of things...down public. No??? Oh. Well...then...moving on.

And just for the record, that strand of hair was from my head.*

January 26
Lily (talking to her baby doll that she was "nursing" but then pulled off of her): See those teeth marks? You're biting me. I have to stop. So I have to nurse on the other side. (puts her on other side then pulls her off) Ow. You're still biting me.

January 28
Lily: You're a grownup Mommy. You plug things into the wall.

February 3
Lily: You don't eat flowers, you hold them, 'cause they're special.

February 4
Lily (rubbing her head and speaking in distressed tone of voice): Ouchie.
Mommy: Are you ok?
Lily: Just give me a minute.

February 6
Lily: Look a butterfly. When I get big, big older I can learn to fly and catch it. When I have wings.

February 13
Lily (sitting in her car seat as we're running errands): I thought we going to Home Depot!
Mommy: What do you want to get at Home Depot?
Lily: Stuff.
Mommy: What kind of stuff?
Lily (pauses): Tools for Daddy.

February 15
Lily (admonishing the dog): You can't sniff my butt Toby. Its got poo poo in it!

February 15
Mommy: Is Daddy funny?
Lily: Yeah, he's funny. You're not funny.

February 21
Lily: Its 20 'o' clock. Its time for my bedtime.
Mommy: What time do you go to bed?
Lily: In 30 minutes.

February 21
Lily: When I'm big, big older I'm going to get poked by a cactus. When I'm at school I'm going to get poked by a cactus. And then I'm going to squeeze the blood out. And I'm going to say ow! that hurt!.

February 24
Lily (in the bathtub): Daddy, I'm washing my crotch so I can go to the museum.

February 25
Lily (pointing to an item on a menu): What is that?
Mommy: Its an appetizer.
Lily: I like applepizers.

February 26
Lily: Oh! I got bitten by the door.

February 27
Lily: I'm not a little baby anymore. Sometimes I plug lights into walls.
*See January 28 quote for explanation. :)*


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