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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bugging Out

I didn't do much blogging last week because we were so busy around here. Most nights I crashed about the time Andrew went to bed which was between 9 and 10. It was a good kind of busy though and it helped get me out of the funk I've been in for the past few weeks or so. There was a birthday party, date night, Valentine's Day party at the park, shopping excursions to pick up craft supplies for Valentine's projects for Daddy, making said craft projects for Daddy and an impromptu trip to the library.

Last Saturday night (not last night), I stayed up till 2 am (which technically would make it early last Sunday morning) making cupcakes for Lily's friend Emilie's 3rd birthday party. The party had a bug theme. I ran with it and had a ton of fun decorating the cupcakes with ants, caterpillars, spiders and whatnot. And getting a sugar rush from sampling all of the candy...

Its so hard to believe Emilie is already 3. She's only 4.5 months older than Lily. Sigh.

Emilie's mom Sunny is extremely creative when it comes to planning parties. Oh the decorations! I'm talking paper mache bees and ants and butterflies made out of wire and stockings and spray painted. And the food. Honestly, only pictures can describe how adorable it all was.

So here ya go.

The woman is a genius I tell you.

 photo DSC03047_zps48f76295.jpg
 photo DSC03021_zps04eed73c.jpg
 photo DSC03004_zps5b5e6b7e.jpg
 photo DSC03005_zps2ca6e548.jpg
 photo DSC03010_zpsb29d1272.jpg
 photo DSC03007_zpsc82187ea.jpg
 photo DSC03019_zps961f6daa.jpg
 photo DSC02995_zps0c1291b3.jpg
 photo DSC02997_zps51510ac3.jpg
 photo bug_party1_zpscdb7a464.jpg
 photo DSC03078_zpsf8dea6ba.jpg
^^Hunting for bugs. Luckily they were the plastic kind.

 photo DSC03145_zps856605d9.jpg
^^Making caterpillars.

 photo DSC03132_zps0c781d9d.jpg
^^The birthday girl taking a whack at the pinata.

 photo DSC03134_zps4f3b3eea.jpg
 photo DSC03169_zps20a7d354.jpg

Happy Birthday Emilie!


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