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Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Boy and A Swing

Happy weekend! Hope yours is going well so far. Before we jump into whatever festivities we have planned for ours I wanted to share what we did last weekend. Last Saturday evening we took the kids to the playground where Reuben had a taste of his first ride in a swing.

 photo DSC02363_zpsed2d604d.jpg
 photo DSC02436_zpsd0e2a0b9.jpg
 photo DSC02403_zps883488af.jpg
 photo DSC02395_zpsb89aaed6.jpg
 photo DSC02411_zps667589a6.jpg
 photo DSC02466_zps9b213a2c.jpg
 photo DSC02475_zpse6856243.jpg
 photo DSC02496_zpsfa5ed1da.jpg
 photo DSC02517_zpse54ffdce.jpg
 photo DSC02529_zps9c15c9f0.jpg

His reaction ranged from acceptance to utter joy to quiet satisfaction. Towards the end I thought he was going to fall asleep in it.

I'd say his first time was a roaring success.

And now for a video guaranteed to make you smile. I know I do every time I watch it which has been about 17 times so far.


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