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Friday, February 01, 2013

7 Months

 photo DSC02144_zpsbe9cab83.jpg
20 lbs. 5 oz.
Wears mostly 12 month clothes

I just love this kid so much. I get very excited every month when the 25th rolls around (a bit late I realize this month thanks to our internet being down) cause that means I get to share the latest and greatest Reuben details with you (probably overshare, but that's a mommy's prerogative right?). This past month is no exception. Get ready for paragraphs and paragraphs of all the goodies on my little man.

So, the biggest advancement this month? Sitting up. Yup, he was this close at the end of last month but it seemed like he was just waiting till he turned 6 months old because not even a few days in and he was rocking the upright position all by himself, no hands needed.

This past month he also:

Sat up in the front of the cart at the store like a big boy. Sob.

Drank from his very own sippy cup for the first time.

Got another tooth. That makes two of the cutest little chompers now. And so far no nipple biting! *knocks on wood*

Took a bath with his sister for the first time. He splashed (a lot) and took a nose dive trying to get a toy with his mouth (cause that works so much better than hands didntcha know?) and got a mouthful of water. Despite all the sputtering he went back and did it again. Sheesh. Babies.

Rediscovered his pacifier now that he can keep it in his mouth and not play the spit-it-out-and-Mommy-puts-it-back-in-game. I can't remember why I decided to give it a try again but I'm sure he was having a rough nap or bedtime and once that pacifier was in his mouth and it wasn't going anywhere, he calmed down. He generally only uses it at naps and bedtime although that's not to say I won't give it to him occasionally when 5 o' clock rolls around and I'm trying to get dinner ready and both of the kids are screaming and wanting my attention. He's good about not waking up if it falls out of his mouth and lands somewhere in the bed. When he wakes up to nurse in the middle of the night I give it back to him when he's done and back in his crib. It actually helped out a lot the other night when he kept waking up every 1 - 2 hours wanting to nurse. I scrambled around in the dark searching for the thing and shoved it in his mouth so quick hoping he would go back to sleep before he woke up all the way and really wanted to nurse. I really needed my sleep and he seriously doesn't need to eat every hour at night. I mean come on.

Started saying "dada." I'm sure Andrew would like to think his son recognizes him and is affectionately calling him by name. No such luck.

Went from a front carry to a back carry in the Beco Gemini now that he can sit up on his own.

Has regressed in the sleep department. He's doing that thing he did when he was a newborn where he would wake up sometime between 4 - 6 am except instead of just laying there or even crying or whatever, now he babbles to himself and wants to play which of course keeps me awake. So my solution is to put him in his crib if he isn't already in there, put his pacifier in his mouth and hand him a few toys. Most of the time he'll play till he falls asleep. Sometimes that doesn't work though and neither does shoving a boob in his face, so I alternately try the two until something sticks. The good think about these early morning wake up calls? He'll sleep in till 8. :D

Has started showing signs of separation anxiety. I leave the room for a second and he starts fussing or he screams when he goes into his crib at nap or bedtime (with several visits from Mommy for rocking, pacifier replacing and blanket recovering of course) when he used to go down without so much as a peep.

So there you have it. 7 months. Where has the time gone?

 photo DSC00821_zpsf32f8bc8.jpg
 photo DSC01237_zps147d3747.jpg
 photo DSC01553_zps5e9cbe57.jpg
 photo DSC01635_zpsbf5b7ff9.jpg
 photo DSC01952_zps9473a7f0.jpg
 photo DSC01871_zpsaf51a39d.jpg
 photo DSC02215_zps705fcca1.jpg
 photo DSC02210_zpsb466bc0e.jpg


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