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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

 photo angry_kids_zps757aefe8.jpg

This picture is from early November of 2012 but it accurately depicts the kind of day we had here yesterday.

First of all I stayed up till midnight the night before finishing up a mini-series on Netflix. Bad idea. Reuben decided to start his day at 5:30am I tried ignoring him and going back to sleep, as he nibbled his toes and babbled to himself next to me in bed, but it wasn't working. Eventually he did pass out again, thank God, and so did I. Then Lily came in at 7:30ish and woke the both of us up by climbing into the bed and announcing very loudly that she wanted cereal.

I got her her cereal and set her up on the living room floor with Reuben and an endless stream of Blues Clues on Netflix while I laid down on the couch to "rest my eyes."

My eyes were about the only thing that got a rest, although, I did manage a very short, fitful nap once Reuben went down for his morning nap about 9. Lily spent most of that time drawing circles on a piece of paper.

Later she asked me for her scissors and a glue stick so she could cut shapes out construction paper and glue it on her drawing.

Kids don't die from eating glue right?

Reuben bit a tiny chunk out of the glue stick when my back was turned. Ooh I have my work cut out for me with that one.

Oh and by the way, I just have to say that even though Steve from Blues Clues gets on my nerves occasionally, his replacement Joe is absolutely horrible. Steve can actually be rather amusing at times but Joe comes across as fake and kind of desperate. Like he's trying to prove that he's a better host or something. Ugh.

And yes I am aware that I am critiquing a kids show that hasn't been on air for over 6 years...this is my life. :P

Anywayyyy. So yeah, between dealing with a cranky almost 7 month old and a 2 1/2 year old who is beginning to assert her independence, let's just say that I was looking forward to nap time when I would have a little over an hour all to myself, give or take.

But no. Even that alluded me. I thought it was strange that Lily requested a nap about 11:30, before she'd even had lunch, but I helped her into bed, covered her up and went out into the living room to play with Reuben until noon when he went down for a nap. I went in to check on Lily when I heard singing coming from her room. She just looked up at me all calm like and when I asked her if she was ok she said matter-of-factly that she put a towel on the pee. Ok. Cool. I turned around to leave. Wait. What? What pee???

My sweet, adorable girl had peed the bed and had put a very small towel on the very large wet spot on the bed and was laying in it singing to herself. Sigh. I don't understand kids sometimes.

I stripped her bed, got her changed and seated down to lunch and finally put her down for a nap at 1:30. Just in time for Reuben to wake up from his nap.

Well darn.

By 3:30 I knew I needed to get out of the house for a chance of scenery so as soon as Lily woke up we were out the door to do some grocery shopping.

Thank you Walmart at 4 in the afternoon during snowbird season. There's nothing like having dozens of older people admire your children and tell you what a great mom you must be to lift your spirits. :)

So, buoyed by adult interaction, we came back home where I attempted to cook dinner over the din of screaming children. One who wanted to be held and the other...who also wanted to be held...and nursed too. Oh heck. They both wanted to be held and nursed.

Let's just say that dinner ended up being whatever was easiest (taco salad) and Reuben had an early bedtime. But he was happy about that and went right to sleep.

So that left just me and Lily and a puddle of pee on the bathroom floor. Any ideas on how to get her to make it to the potty on time and not wait till the last possible second to go?

Finally, after Lily's half an hour stalling about going to bed tactics which included, but was not limited to, needing to pee (I didn't think she had anything left in her), requesting a towel to wipe her eyes, and water in her cup, Andrew and I had the night to ourselves. Or what was left of it.

I was about to finish up this post and head to bed (midnight again) when all of a sudden I heard a door slowly creak open and Lily came wandering out of her room. Thinking she need to pee...again...I started to help her towards the bathroom when she asked me with tears in her eyes "change my bed Mommy, I peed."

So while I changed her sheets and clothes she proceeded to cry loud enough to wake Reuben who started screaming from his crib in our room. Andrew got up and tried calming him but no dice. Once Lily was back in bed I took a stab at trying to get Reuben back to sleep but nothing seemed to be working for me either. After repeatedly rocking him with his pacifier in his mouth and Scout playing on 10 minutes bursts I eventually had to bring him in bed with me and nurse him to sleep. It still took over an hour though.

But you know what? One very tight hug around the legs from Lily while I'm changing her clothes in the middle of the night or a two small, chubby Reuben hands patting my face while I attempt to get him to sleep in his crib can make all the stress and irritability disappear in an instant. They're amazing, these little gifts from God. Utterly amazing.

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