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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Conversations With My Daughter: The Oh-My-Goodness-She's-Growing-Up-Too-Fast Edition


December 9
Lily (talking about visiting her 5 year old cousin Aliana who lives in Maine): We jumped on the bed! And we had cheese!

December 9
Lily (sitting down next to Daddy who's about to watch something on TV): Let's watch something else. (leans in and whispers) I like Diego.

December 11
Lily: You not big, big older. You big, big Mommy.

December 17
Lily (sobbing): You need to cuddle me Mommy. I can't cuddle myself!

December 17
Lily: I'm sorry Mommy. I not mean to put that in your way.

December 20
Lily (chewing on an apple slice): I will choke on this.
Mommy: No you won't.
Lily: I won't?!...Oh.

December 26
Lily: I'm very, super hungry.

December 26
Lily: Kiss me all over Mommy.
(I do and she quickly wipes my kisses off her lips)
Lily: Cry Mommy.

December 28
Lily: I want a chocolate. I'm so very hungry.

December 28
Lily (staring at a pot soaking on the stove): What are you cooking bubbles for Mommy?

December 29
Lily (looking at me very seriously from under her brow): When I hurt my finger again I will be very upset.

January 1
Lily (calling from the other room while we're playing hide and seek): Mommy where are you?!......I can't find her Reuben...I think I lost her.


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