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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conversations With My Daughter: Fall Edition


September 30
Mommy: What do you want for dinner?
Lily: Taco Bell!

September 30
Lily (pointing to a bottle of soap in the bath): That's mine. That's for scrubbing me.

October 4
Mommy: Please stop picking your nose.
Lily: Its got buggies in it.

October 22
Lily: L-Y-Z-9-10 spells Louisa! (One of her aunts)

October 29
Lily: Look Mommy a puckmin!
Mommy: A what?
Lily: A puckmin.
Mommy (chuckling silently to herself knowing she meant 'pumpkin'): Can you say it again? What is it?
Lily (with exasperation): A puck-a-min. I told you!

October 31
Lily (upset because I wouldn't play with her): I'm going to throw this book at you!
Mommy: No you don't. You don't throw things at people, its not nice.
Lily: Boys do!

November 6
Mommy: I'm going to put Toby (our dog) out on the porch while you eat dinner.
Lily: He's going to go vote.

November 10
Lily (looking at a red wrapper sitting on the coffee table): That's not Lightening McQueen. That's a cheesestick.

November 11
Lily (bemoaning the accidental forced removal of one of her favorite toys' legs): Oh man. Hops is dead.

Meet Hops...who is currently unable to walk no matter how much you wind him up:


November 13
Lily (eating a frosted pumpkin shaped cookie and getting it all over herself): I'm all puckmined.


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