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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Girl...

Photobucket potty trained! And it only took 3 weeks. And they weren't even difficult weeks. In fact there was nothing difficult about the entire process.

From the beginning Andrew and I knew we wanted to approach the subject from a calm, cool, if-it-happens-it-happens-if-not-whatever perspective. We had the idea that we would gradually introduce Lily to the process. So there was no rush to have her out of diapers by the time she was 2 or something like that. In fact we didn't even have an age range in mind. We did however, take a few steps to insure that she felt comfortable with the whole thing and not rushed into it and scared or nervous.

First up, from the time she could crawl, we always let her come into the bathroom with us (at home) when we did She got to see how Mommy and Daddy did it and it was just a natural occurrence to her. Plus, since she saw us sitting on the toilet, and since all babies want to do whatever Daddy and Mommy do, she started asking to sit on it too. So we'd help hold her on there and she was very happy about that indeed.

Second, we bought her a potty chair last October when she was about 16 months old. The day we bought it and set it in the bathroom she sat right down on it and went pee pee! Whether it was by accident or design, it didn't matter. I praised her and gushed all over her you would have thought she cured cancer or found a solution for world peace. And it didn't stop there. She continued to use it off and on for the following year. I was one proud Mommy!


And here I am again, as proud as can be of my little girl.

For more details, here's how we did it. And when I say 'we' I mean her and I. :)

One Tuesday morning about 3 weeks ago Lily told me she was going poo poo in her diaper. Yup, it was time to toss those things out for good. She'd been ready for a while, I think it was just me who was holding back. Like I thought it was going to be more trouble than it actually was? You hear the stories: "My child wasn't out of diapers till he was 3, he just refused to use the potty" and "She wouldn't go in her potty but as soon as I put the diaper back on..." Blah, blah, blah. So yeah, I had all that buzzing around in my head.

But I put a pair of undies on her and she did great! Over the next few days she'd ask occasionally to wear undies upon waking in the morning and sometimes she would request a diaper in the middle of the afternoon. I went with it figuring she needed that control over the situation. There were a few accidents here and there (poo poo on the front porch and peeing in the grass - although I think her father let her do that last one *rolling my eyes*) but she would just matter-of-factly tell me when it happened and we'd clean it up and move on. Until almost a week later and she fell asleep on the couch at nap time and I forgot she was wearing undies and she woke up dry!

By one week into it she was wearing undies all day (except for naps and bedtime). At 2 weeks in we took her to the store in them and finally Monday night I put her in a pair, tucked her into bed and she woke up yesterday morning completely dry.

Dare I say it?! I have a housebroken child!

Another moment brought to you by Proud Mommies Anonymous.


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