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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome Fall!...Finally

Autumn has finally arrived in the Sunshine State! I know, I know, technically its been fall for 5 weeks, 4 days and a handful of hours, but this is Florida we're talking about. Starbucks selling pumpkin laced everything does not a fall make. I don't consider it fall until I can turn the air conditioning off in the house (for at least one day), wear closed toed shoes to church, and venture out of the house after 10 am in my non air conditioned vehicle.

But in all seriousness, fall just sort of attacked us down here in the past few days.

Monday night was the coolest night so far. Even my little bundle of cuteness all cuddled up next to me couldn't keep me warm thanks to my annoying habit of kicking off the blankets in the middle of the night. I think its a leftover from when I was pregnant with him and I was miserably hot every night.

But anyway, we're in full autumn mode here now. The kids have been wearing pants and even occasionally long sleeves. And let me tell you there is nothing as sweet as a tiny...well ok, he's not so tiny...little person in a pair of overalls. Am I right?

Sorry about the horrible quality of the cell phone pictures.

I've been on the prowl for some yummy fall recipes. Preferably with a high sugar content. And bonus points if they contain pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or some such fall ingredient.

Here are a few I've been eyeing over on Pinterest:


Don't they make you want to eat your computer screen?

So, what have you been cooking this wonderful fall season? Have any pumpkin or apple recipes to share? Or pictures of babies in overalls? I like those too. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Children's Museum

I'm always up for new and exciting opportunities at getting the kids and I out of the house and experiencing something of life out there. So when my sister-in-law suggested I come to Tot Time at the local children's museum I thought that was a great idea since we'd never been to the museum before. So early one morning last week we ventured out.

Tot Time was pleasant and all but it didn't hold Lily's interest too much. She's always been a bit timid when it comes to being in a large group of people she doesn't know. So while she watched the kids sing songs, listened to stories from afar and made a craft, the real fun happened after it was over and we went back downstairs to the museum.

Here's the craft she made for me. She was very proud of her gluing skills. I'll treasure it always. :)


Now like I said, I've never been to a children's museum before so I don't know how the one in our area compares to others, but I thought it was pretty darn awesome! I'm right on board with shelling out the $50 for a year pass for the family. I can see us going at least once a week.

We were only there for a little over an hour total so we didn't get to check out everything but it didn't matter to Lily, in fact I don't even think she knew there was other stuff to see there beyond what she explored.

Her favorite areas were the water tank with boats and ducks, the cafe and the grocery market.

Here she is with her cousin Seth doing some grocery shopping. I may have to sit her down and have a talk with her about good food choices. She filled the cart mainly with pastries and other baked goods with a few fruits and veggies thrown in for good measure. That just goes to show you she is her mother's daughter...:P

I could not get over how cute the store setup was. The conveyor belt actually revolved, the cash register worked and when you were done adding up the total you could open the drawer and use the fake money found inside. The carts were tiny and perfectly child sized and there were even aprons for the cashiers to wear. Way better than how we used to play store when I was a kid.


Future Danica Patrick.


How cute is she in a chef's hat and apron cooking pizza in a brick oven?! I got to "taste" that pizza after it was done cooking by the way. ;)


The water play area.


Lily versus Shaq. The shapes stuck to the wall and she had a blast moving them around.


Reuben enjoyed himself too. I carried him around in my Beco carrier and he eventually fell asleep. That made it so much easier to play with Lily. Well ok, I really just wanted to play with everything myself.

I can't wait to take the kids back there soon.

Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Months


17 lbs. 9 oz
26 3/4" long
Wears 6-9 month clothes
Rolls over from front to back
Attempts to reach for toys
Sits up assisted
Loves watching TV with his sister
Doesn't nap very well
Sucks his thumb
Hates his car seat

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Girl...

Photobucket potty trained! And it only took 3 weeks. And they weren't even difficult weeks. In fact there was nothing difficult about the entire process.

From the beginning Andrew and I knew we wanted to approach the subject from a calm, cool, if-it-happens-it-happens-if-not-whatever perspective. We had the idea that we would gradually introduce Lily to the process. So there was no rush to have her out of diapers by the time she was 2 or something like that. In fact we didn't even have an age range in mind. We did however, take a few steps to insure that she felt comfortable with the whole thing and not rushed into it and scared or nervous.

First up, from the time she could crawl, we always let her come into the bathroom with us (at home) when we did She got to see how Mommy and Daddy did it and it was just a natural occurrence to her. Plus, since she saw us sitting on the toilet, and since all babies want to do whatever Daddy and Mommy do, she started asking to sit on it too. So we'd help hold her on there and she was very happy about that indeed.

Second, we bought her a potty chair last October when she was about 16 months old. The day we bought it and set it in the bathroom she sat right down on it and went pee pee! Whether it was by accident or design, it didn't matter. I praised her and gushed all over her you would have thought she cured cancer or found a solution for world peace. And it didn't stop there. She continued to use it off and on for the following year. I was one proud Mommy!


And here I am again, as proud as can be of my little girl.

For more details, here's how we did it. And when I say 'we' I mean her and I. :)

One Tuesday morning about 3 weeks ago Lily told me she was going poo poo in her diaper. Yup, it was time to toss those things out for good. She'd been ready for a while, I think it was just me who was holding back. Like I thought it was going to be more trouble than it actually was? You hear the stories: "My child wasn't out of diapers till he was 3, he just refused to use the potty" and "She wouldn't go in her potty but as soon as I put the diaper back on..." Blah, blah, blah. So yeah, I had all that buzzing around in my head.

But I put a pair of undies on her and she did great! Over the next few days she'd ask occasionally to wear undies upon waking in the morning and sometimes she would request a diaper in the middle of the afternoon. I went with it figuring she needed that control over the situation. There were a few accidents here and there (poo poo on the front porch and peeing in the grass - although I think her father let her do that last one *rolling my eyes*) but she would just matter-of-factly tell me when it happened and we'd clean it up and move on. Until almost a week later and she fell asleep on the couch at nap time and I forgot she was wearing undies and she woke up dry!

By one week into it she was wearing undies all day (except for naps and bedtime). At 2 weeks in we took her to the store in them and finally Monday night I put her in a pair, tucked her into bed and she woke up yesterday morning completely dry.

Dare I say it?! I have a housebroken child!

Another moment brought to you by Proud Mommies Anonymous.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Day in the Life

Andrew said something late last week that got me thinking. I can't remember exactly what it was but my reaction was to think "I'm going to write down everything that I do tomorrow so he can see just what my day is like," so I know it must have been a disparaging remark about what exactly a stay-at-home-mom does or something like that.

Note: He is very supportive of stay-at-home-moms, I think he was just having a bad day or something. :) Or maybe we were having an argument discussion. Yeah, I think that was it.

So that's what this post is; a play by play of everything I did last Friday. And let me tell you, it is not easy keeping track and typing out every little thing you do throughout the day. But it does give you some insight into how you're planning your day and let's just say Friday was not a specially well thought out day. Oh well.

Anyway, the following list manuscript is a pretty accurate description of what my day is usually like.

I will add a few caveats though.

It was a very kid centered day that day. I have several different types of days throughout the week and they seems to balance out the week very nicely. Some days are filled with housekeeping chores such as washing dishes, doing laundry, baking bread and mopping floors. Other days are get-out-of-the-house days where the kids and I go grocery shopping, run errands and occasionally check out a few stores for fun (hello Michaels!) and get an ice cream at Dairy Queen. Then there are days like Friday, we were home all day but I didn't do much around the house. I played with the kids a lot of the time and even ended up taking an unplanned nap.

Also, Reuben did not nap very well that day. Some days are worse than others. This was a bad day. He's a fine nighttime sleeper (once he's asleep) but is lacking in the naptime skills. We started working on that today. I really dislike sleep training but I know its necessary. For him and us. More on that later.

Now, someone who can nap very well? Besides me of course..ha Lily. Great little sleeper. I have no idea why she requested such an early nap though. She usually goes down right after lunch, between 12 and 12:30. So that threw our day off a bit too.

I was only planning on showing this to Andrew if he was interested. I went back and forth about posting it on my blog, I even considered deleting it, but then I thought it might be fun to look back a while from now and see just what a day in the life of 31 year old me with two kids looked like. I warn you though. Not only is it long winded and a bit dry at times but I say poo poo and pee pee way too many times and discuss bodily functions a bit much, but hey! I'm in potty training mode so that's where the brain is at the moment.

If you quickly get bored, I understand, my life's not that exciting.


7:40 – Lily wakes up and therefore its time to start the day (she normally gets up around 7, sometimes earlier, so this is a nice treat). I set her up on the couch with Curious George playing on Netflix and a small bowl of Goldfish snack crackers (her request) and lay down on the couch with her for a few minutes.

7:58 – She gets up to go to the bathroom on the big potty and her foot falls in so I have to help fish her out. I hear baby noises coming from my room on my way back to the living room so I’m sure Reuben will be up soon.

8:02 – Go to the bathroom myself while Lily tries to unravel the toilet paper in an attempt to pull some off for me.

8:04 – Put the dog outside on his leash then get on the computer to check my email, Facebook, Blogger and the weather.

8:09 – Lily starts bugging me to nurse and I hear Reuben start crying from the bedroom. I go pick up Reuben and set him in his bouncy seat on Lily’s floor and I nurse her in the rocking chair. I keep him entertained by talking to him and making funny faces while I nurse her and then I switch and nurse him. Ah the joys of tandem nursing.

8:22 – Change Reuben's diaper and outfit while Lily threatens to throw things because I'm not paying attention to what she's saying at this exact moment.

8:26 – Set up Reuben in front of the TV so I can heat up some pancakes I made the previous day for Lily and I for breakfast. I know, I know...horrible mommy moment.

8:29 – Get a drink of water and throw on a pair of pants.

8:30 – Pick up clothes on bedroom floor and throw them in the dirty laundry. Tell Lily not to cut her brother with her (play) knife. Open the blinds in the living room to brighten up the place.

8:32 – Go back to checking Facebook, Blogger etc.

8:34 - Get interrupted again because Lily says she peed but really needs to go pee in her potty.

8:35 - Back to checking Facebook.

8:38 - Lily hurts her finger and wants (not needs) a bandaid.

8:39 - Check on pancakes, not done yet. Back to computer.

8:46 - Give up on computer time because Lily keeps bugging me to eat and go check on food again.

8:48 - We sit down to eat breakfast on the living room floor while watching Curious George. Eat and play with Reuben while Lily cuts her banana on my plate and then eats mine anyway.

8:57 - Hang up laundry I washed yesterday and forgot in the washer. While I'm doing that Reuben starts getting fussy but that may be because Lily is putting her tray table on his head so I have a talk with her about why that isn't such a good idea.

9:05 - Pick up Reuben and head into my room to play on my bed for a little while. Lily quickly comes in and we invent rough and tumble games. Here's to making "crazy horse" a national sensation!

9:08 - Take a second from bouncing around on the bed to write down something hilarious Lily said.

9:11 - Back to playing. This time Reuben gets a taste of (a watered down version of) crazy horse. He likes it.

9:34 - Turn off Curious George who has been playing to an empty living room for a while and head into Lily’s room to clean up. I set up Reuben in his seat in there and Lily helps me clean up. She picks up all of her toys while singing the clean up song. Reuben fusses most of the time. He’s almost ready for a nap.

9:46 - Try nursing Reuben down for a nap in my bed. Have to get up three times to help Lily who is attempting to brush her teeth in the bathroom.

10:02 - Finally give up and leave Reuben in my bed because he isn't going to sleep. Maybe he’ll go to sleep on his own. But I seriously doubt it. I can hear him fussing as soon as I leave the room.

10:03 - Lily and I feed the fish.

10:04 - Go use the bathroom but first I let Lily out on the front porch to play.

10:07 - Sweep up a pile of dirt Lily brought into the house from the broom she brought inside to “sweep kitchen floor for Mommy.”

10:08 - Go back to nursing Reuben who is screaming from the bedroom. Lily cries about an itsy spider and an ant the whole time and begs for me to come look at it.

10:19 - With Reuben finally asleep I go look at Lily’s bugs. I decide to clean up a bit of the front porch while I'm out there and maybe list a few things to sell online.


10:40 - List a few things for sale online.

10:51 - Head into the kitchen to wash dishes and get sidetracked by Lily who is crying because she somehow put a kitchen chair leg on top of her foot and wants to cuddle in the rocking chair. While cuddling her Reuben wakes up and starts crying. I put her in her crib at her request to take a nap and then go nurse Reuben back to sleep. While nursing him, Lily starts crying about wanting her "bee shorts" (her pajama bottoms) on. When I put them on her she wants to go pee pee on her potty so I let her out and she goes on her potty. I put her back in her crib. Reuben starts crying again. I go back to nurse him and fall asleep.

12:16 - Wake up and lay still in bed (with Reuben still attached to me if you know what I mean) not wanting to wake the little guy up before he's ready.

1:07 - He pulls off and just lays there fast asleep.

1:20 - Reuben wakes up as I hear Lily calling for me from her crib. Her foot was stuck in the rails of her crib. I nurse her for a few minutes in the rocking chair.

1:32 - She settles herself on the couch with Goldfish and I turn on Curious George for a few minutes while I get Reuben, change him, put him on his play mat and go outside to untangle the dog.

1:42 - Start making lunch.

1:52 - Lunch time while Mommy gets on the computer for a bit.


2:15 - Start washing dishes with Reuben in his bouncy seat watching and talking to me.

2:24 - Interrupted by Lily, she needs help wiping up and dumping her potty after she goes poo poo not once, not twice, but three times. I give her a fist bump for a job well done.

2:30 - Take out the trash.

2:32 - We all go play with toys in Lily's room.

3:12 - Put Reuben in his swing so he can go to sleep. He plays with his hands and stares at the animals swirling around his head instead.


3:15 - Sit down on the couch with my cell phone for a few minutes to check messages and missed calls.

3:20 - Reuben falls asleep so Lily and I go outside to play. She strips down to her undies and climbs into her kiddie pool.


3:45 - Go inside to wash some more dishes. I watch Lily play through the window.

3:57 - Reuben wakes up and I let him fuss for a bit since he didn't sleep that long and maybe he'll go back to sleep.

4:03 - Never mind. He's not going back to sleep. I pick Reuben up and bring him outside with me so I can watch Lily play.

4:20 - Put him back in his swing because he’s tired. Wash some more dishes (I am starting to realize that the more I wash dishes the less I hate them. I don’t like them...I just hate them...less.)

4:25 - Pretty soon I have two kids screeching cause he did NOT want to be in the swing and Lily bonked her chin on his swing and is now asking for nursies. I gave her a snack of pineapple chunks and nurse Reuben in my bed hoping he will fall asleep. We get interrupted twice – the dog starts barking to come in and Lily escapes through the front door because it wasn't shut all the way.

4:42 - Reuben wants to play, not nurse so I set him in his seat in the kitchen to watch me wash dishes except Lily wants to nurse because she says she’s "very tired" so I bring Reuben with me into the living room and I play with him as I nurse her on the couch.

4:50 - Put Reuben in his bouncy seat again so I can finish the dishes.

4:53 - Give up on that because he is fussing too much and go online to look up a pancake recipe for dinner while Lily plays in her sandbox on the front porch.

5:07 - Clean up a spill on the kitchen floor and start on dinner. Reuben sits in his seat alternating screaming and laughing at me.

5:13 - Realize I don't have all the ingredients I need for that specific recipe so I look up another one.

5:18 - Start cooking dinner. Reuben screams in his bouncy seat THE ENTIRE TIME.

6:03 - Dinner time...for Lily anyway. Reuben's "asking" for his dinner too so I nurse and cuddle with him on the couch to settle him down.


6:23 - He starts falling asleep in my arms and so I lay him down on my bed where he proceeds to wake right up and start crying and/or screaming. I would try to nurse him back to sleep but Lily is calling out for more pancakes.

6:27 - Throw a load of laundry in the washer and put on Netflix for Lily. Its starting to sound like all she does is watch TV but she really only sits there and watches one maybe two short episodes.

6:36 - Give up on Reuben going to sleep and get him out of bed. I finish nursing him on the couch while watching Dinosaur Train with Lily.

6:43 - Finally sit down to some dinner myself.

7:00 - Daddy’s home!

Monday, October 15, 2012

This Weekend


Lunch at brother and sister-in-law's
Enjoying the beautiful outdoors
Nap pursuits
Junior beekeeping discoveries (don't worry its a drone bee so no one got stung)
Toy Story on a new friend's iPad
Taco Bell for dinner
Movie night with the husband


Early morning body painting
Enjoying the warm weather
Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with the doors open
Appreciating God's handiwork
Evening fun at Wal-Mart

Friday, October 05, 2012

Our Maine Vacation: Boothbay Harbor

Day 13
Friday, September 7


Today we took a drive to Boothbay Harbor, a small tourist town on the coast of Maine. You're pretty much required to make a visit when you're in the state no matter what time of year it is. So we obliged. And the timing was perfect. Great weather and not too many people since "the season" was almost over.

My traveling partners for the day trips I've been taking went with me - my two little ones of course and my sisters Lydia and Louisa. Its kind of boring being the only grown up on these kinds of excursions, I'd rather share the experience with someone else, so I'm really happy they came along.

Our first item on the agenda was ice cream. And not just any ice cream but two gigantic scoops of frozen, creamy goodness that may or may not have made me almost sick. I did eat the entire cone after all. It was worth every penny of the $4.10 I paid for it. I ordered the smallest size they had for Lily and she ended up with a huge dish of strawberry ice cream that she didn't even come close to finishing. I also may or may not have helped her a bit on top of eating my entire cone. :)



This photo cracks me up every time! Lucky click of the camera button.


After ice cream I took a moment to sit on a bench (apparently next to a bar I discovered a few seconds later from the cigarette smoke wafting over from the bar's inhabitants - ugh) and nurse Reuben while Lydia and Louisa took Lily to look at boats and hopefully catch a glimpse of "bishies" - aka fishies - in the water.



We walked around town after that checking out the shops, the foot bridge and the boats.








Here's proof that I did think of the hubby at least a little bit on the trip. :)




Mmmm, my favorite. The price? Not so much.


On the way home we stopped and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I had the salmon. Because you can't go to the coast and not have seafood.

You can check out days 1-4 of our vacation here, day 5 here, days 6-8 here, day 9 here and days 10-12 here.