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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Conversations With My Daughter: Lily-isms


July 20
Lily (snacks me on the butt as I'm bending over to get something out of the cupboard): Buns! Buns! Buns!

July 23
Mommy: Where's your shoe?
Lily: In the fridge.

July 29
Lily (handing back her water cup): Put it away in fridge. I'm good.

July 31
Lily (cleaning the floor with a wipe): All far.

August 1
Lily: I have poopies.
Mommy (checking her diaper): No, you don't.
Lily: Just buns.

August 1
Lily (feeding the dog): Getting some bittles for Toby.

August 2
Lily: That's a boo-i-ful mountain.
Mommy (coloring a page in a coloring book with Lily): Its a tree.
Lily: That's a boo-i-ful tree mountain.

August 5
Lily (wearing a fancy dress): I have a tail!

August 10
Lily: You boo-i-ful Mommy.


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