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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nursing Style

Tanks: Walmart / Scarf: Urban Outfitters / Skirt: Old Navy
Bra: Target / Sandals: Old Navy

Wondering what to wear when you're a brand new (or new to it again) nursing mom, its hot out so you can't dress in layers and to top it all off you can't find anything that fits your I-still-have-a-few-pounds-to-lose figure? Me too. Here's what I wear a lot to beat the heat and still be able to nurse easily and discreetly. And it looks great on. No pudge rolls to be seen anywhere.

These are by far my favorite tank tops. They're just the right length, not too long that they bunch up and make your midsection look wider than it really is, and not too short that when you raise your arms you flash your post pregnancy mommy tummy. And they're super cheap. Like less than $4 cheap. I may have even bought a few for less than $3. They're very easy to pull up, or down if you prefer, to nurse. They don't lose their shape from repeatedly being tugged around and as a bonus they come in like a million different colors and patterns. And they're 97% cotton with just a bit of spandex for stretch. The perfect combo for the intense Florida summer heat we get here.

I don't always wear a scarf but when I do I usually wear one tied up in my hair (oh boy, having said that, I now have this stuck in my head). Scarves are also great as a cover up when you're nursing. This one's on sale. It may end up in my stash. :)

Oh this skirt. I'm so glad I saw it in the store and decided to try it on at the last second. Its perfect. The perfect ankle or floor hitting length depending on how you wear it at your waist. The perfect color and fabric. The perfect waistband for hiding that extra bit of post pregnancy pudge (try saying that 5 times fast!). There is literally nothing wrong with it. Ok...I guess it does annoy me a little bit that the front is like 1/2 inch shorter than the back but maybe its just my skirt in particular or maybe my body's misshapen? Its probably my body...I just adjust it at the waist, lower in the front, higher in the back, and voila! problem solved.

I purchased this bra Sunday when we were in Tampa for our anniversary. I know, how romantic right? "Honey, can we go bra shopping today?!" But seriously, the nursing bra I was wearing was an underwire one that kept digging into me and the cups didn't pull down and out of the way enough for when I needed to nurse, so Reuben kept getting a mouth full of bra instead of boob. Not very tasty. Anyway, I wear this one all the time and need to get another one. Its a great t-shirt bra. Very soft and comfy.

I don't actually own these Old Navy sandals but I thought they looked nicer with the skirt than my old black Reef sandals that I bought at Ross for a steal years ago. The skirt's long enough that you can't see much of my ratty, old flip flops anyway.

So there you have it, a sort of what-I-wear...summer, postpartum,


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