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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Pacifier


No judging.

I think we may have a pacifier baby in the making.

Saturday night was a rough night for Reuben which translates into a rough night for Daddy and Mommy as well.

Reuben was soooooo tired but was having such a tough time falling asleep. He was cranky, he was fussy, we were exhausted. All he wanted to do was nurse and nurse and nurse. He'd been nursing off and on for several hours and still wasn't asleep. I finally decided to lay down in bed with him to hopefully get him to go to sleep. Even that didn't work and I was missing visiting with family members who were over.

Not only was I missing hanging out with family but I was very quickly losing my cool. You do that when you have a clingy, fussy baby who only wants to use you as a pacifier for hours on end. The boy is already very attached to his mama. Mostly literally. Which I usually don't mind at all. Its just that this particular night was very trying on me.

Let me say right here, thank the Lord for a good husband (and father) who kept coming into the bedroom to check up on me, and when he saw that I was about to lose it, took Reuben so I could have a few cool down minutes...alone.

Knowing full well that he only wanted to comfort nurse (he does this thing where he'll be nursing away, pull off suddenly and very dramatically, then settle down with his cheek against my breast to go to sleep- its the sweetest thing ever) I got out the dreaded paci to see if it might work.

After a few attempts at getting it to stay in his mouth, it finally stayed put and he wonderfully went right to sleep.

By this time it was already past the adults bedtime but we didn't feel that we got to spend any time together, just him and I, so we ended up staying up way too late watching World's Toughest Fixes on Netflix. Great show by the way.

In the end, whether he ends up needing the pacifier on a regular basis or not, it saved my sanity for one night. Thank you Nuk.

It wouldn't surprise me if he did end up with one permanently since his mommy had two pacifiers, one she carried in her hand and one in her mouth, till she was 4 years old.

I still remember the day my mom took them away from me. Scarred me for life Mom. ;)

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