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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings

While I haven't been craving anything this pregnancy I have been eating an awful lot of cereal at any and all times of the day. Its great for breakfast, a snack, whenever really. My favorite time, however, is when Lily's in bed for the night, the house is quiet and Andrew and I are just sitting down to watch something on Netflix. Call it an early midnight snack.

Huh, maybe I do have a craving this time around...

I remember this one time when I was pregnant with Lily and I was madly craving a chicken salad sandwich. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon so we got ready and drove to the nearest fast food place that we thought sold them.

Intercom Lady: "Welcome to Wendy's. Go ahead with your order when you're ready."

Andrew: "Uh yeah, we'd like a...(glances at me)...chicken salad?

Intercom Lady: "Well we have several. Which one would you like?"

He looks over at me again and I shake my head furiously while whispering loudly "sandwich!"

Andrew: "I mean a sandwich."

Intercom Lady: "You want a chicken...sandwich?"

Andrew: "Yeeeeah. Do you have them?"

Intercom Lady: "Uh.........we have several........on the menu board."

I finally lean over him and exasperatedly holler at the intercom - "CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH!

(Did I mention I really wanted one?)

Intercom Lady: "Oh no, we don't have those."

Andrew: "Never mind then."

We ended up going to Publix and getting them at the deli. When I got home, I didn't really even want it. And Publix subs are the best.

Turns out its Arby's that has chicken salad sandwiches.

I'm surprised Andrew's still married to me. Ha ha.


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