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Friday, May 04, 2012

Life This Week

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This week has been very challenging since Lily and I have been taking part in Screen Free Week and we've all been fighting the cold/flu which seems to hang on forever. I've had to become a little creative in entertaining Lily since we didn't leave the house much all week and TV was out of the question (not from lack of her asking). It can get old very fast being stuck in the house alone with a 22 month old let me tell you.

So we read a lot of books, made towers out of blocks and Legos, colored pictures, played in the dirt, colored the driveway in chalk, picked flowers, made a blanket fort and listened (and danced) to music...among many other things.

We did leave to go to Walmart early Wednesday morning to get groceries and then visit a friend and her little one later that afternoon. That's Megan and her little man who is...6 months old...I think. Lily asks to see him all the time. It'll be a while before we can visit them again since her husband is a migratory beekeeper, meaning they spend May - September up in Michigan taking in honey from crops up there and the rest of the time here in Florida harvesting honey from orange season. Both our kiddos will have sprouted like weeds by the time they get back. Actually I should say all three!

We have a next door neighbor that loves spoiling Lily like crazy. He's always giving her treats. Usually sugary, food coloring, and high fructose corn syrup laden ones. He always asks me if its ok but what do you say when your child is standing right there staring back and forth between the two of you knowing what's coming? I usually give her a nominal amount...enough to make her content that she has a treat...and toss the rest. Then I brush her teeth. Really well.

He came over the other day with a band set he had purchased for her complete with drum and sticks, maracas, harmonica, tambourine, flute, castanets and clackers. She's been marching around the house playing the flute and shaking the maracas. Its a good thing I'm not one of those moms that can't stand noise making toys. I may change my mind in approximately 8 weeks though. I'll let you know.

Yesterday morning Lily woke up really early and no amount of convincing would make her go back to sleep. I had had a horrible night's sleep (dang pregnancy) so I knew I wouldn't make it 20 minutes without passing out on the couch...or floor. I asked Andrew if he would get up with her and get her breakfast and let me sleep in. He did and I very quickly went back to sleep. He popped into the bedroom about 7:30 and told me he was taking Lily to the pet store to return his fish. He purchased two new ones this week that are rather aggressive and was worried that they would kill his old fish. I was about to tell him to make sure she was changed out of her PJ's and into clean, matching clothes with shoes on her feet, but somehow he was gone and I didn't wake up till about an hour later. Oh well. She ended up going to the store in her pajamas. Actually, Andrew told me later that the pet store doesn't open until 9 am so he took her to Walmart and bought her a new dress and leggings and changed her in the bathroom. He then took her to the pet store where she got to hold a bunny and pet all sorts of other animals. They often have daddy/daughter outings like that. He takes such good care of her.

Lily scraped the bottom of her foot a couple of weeks ago and its taken its time healing. Of course she wanted a band-aid to help make it feel "aw better." Now that its mostly healed I deny the (many) requests for band-aids so she has had to improvise. Earlier this week it was a sticker, today it was a piece of tape.

We had one of Lily's favorites with dinner one night this week. That girl can easily wolf down two entire cobs of corn by herself. When I told her what was for dinner this was her reply:

Well that was my week. How was yours? Busy? Slow? Relaxing? Stressful? Do anything fun?


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